Varied Celluloid went online in February of 2003, hosting my own (Joshua Samford, as I am the owner) reviews mostly. Many of these early reviews were poorly written, as I was only then first practicing my hand in the written word, but things have progressed slowly since then. Although the site didn’t really “take off” for the first couple of years, it grew steadily, links were left and people started to read all this craziness. With the forum growing in popularity, a community developed and many others started to contribute and friendships were formed.

However, 2007 saw Variedcelluloid.com go down for an extended amount of time. This was due to the webhost that had presented the site for the past four years going belly-up without letting any of the domain owners know ahead of time. While trying to save up for a business venture and doing my best to get things moving with that area of my life, VC was put on hold for a few months until the timing was just right. The site was then reborn as Varied Celluloid.net, using a new WordPress database (rather than the mix of SHTML the site had used since its inception) the site has been easier to update and features much more frequent news/review items.

The basic premise for Varied Celluloid is to focus on all aspects of cinema that may seem interesting to fellow film geeks. It was created with the intention of being something different than what you’ll find on the net. Genre cinema sites are a dime a dozen, but what we look for here on VC are expressive, informative or intricate reviews for films that otherwise might not be taken as serious or hasn’t had that large of an audience. I also don’t believe in film fan superiority, and the reason we don’t cover mainstream movies on the site isn’t because we do not like them – but because there are others writing about those movies by the busload. Ideal reviews for Varied Celluloid are in the 1,000 word area, and I know that’s a bit long winded but if you’re going to give an opinion it might as well be an all-encompassing one. This isn’t a magazine where you’re limited to three hundred words by the editor, so I encourage anyone who helps out in writing to give whatever they have. There’s no limit in either direction, two hundred words or three thousand – if it’s the writer’s opinion then good for them!

The forum is a home for all film fans, regardless of their knowledge level or experience. You will find no clique-mentality there, rude posters are encouraged to show respect or get out and opinions will not be shunned. In cinema, there really is no right or wrong. Trust me, this isn’t a cinematic hippie commune or anything like that – but knowledge is what I hope we all aspire to have and bickering silences that train of thought. Hopefully those reading enjoy the site and stick around to join the community!

You can contact Varied Celluloid for screener opportunities, news items, link exchanges or general chit-chat through the following contact form. However, if you need to send a press package or you would simply rather use your own e-mail service, the address is: admin@variedcelluloid.net. Please, no spam!

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