2000 Maniacs Review


May 10, 2009

Well, since there’s not much going on as far as film news that I’m interested in – I might as well post a couple of reviews I’ve been meaning to throw up forever now. The first is for the H.G. Lewis “classic”, Two Thousand Maniacs! Definitely a flick for a select audience, but amongst Lewis’ work it’s really not that bad. Certainly not as bad as it can get, believe that.

The Plot: We begin our tail along the side of the highway where we watch Lester and Rufe, two country bumpkins, swap out a Detour sign in the middle of the road. As they see a car that they like, they throw a detour sign in their way leading them to Pleasant Valley: population 2,000. Terry Adams is a lovely young lady who has recently picked up Tom White who had been hitchhiking along the road. White is on his way to Atlanta for a conference in a couple of days. However, once he and another car (with two couples) that was stopped by our bumpkins get to Pleasant Valley – they are treated like superstars. With everyone in town coming to meet them right at their car. Mayor Buckamn introduces the strangers to his town and offers to give them free room and board for the next couple of days while they prepare to celebrate their bicentennial. Everyone agrees after being forced into the situation, and take to liking their treatment. However, what secrets lie behind the smiling faces of this town’s inhabitants? And what exactly is being celebrated at this bicentennial? Oh, and why does everyone keep making these puns like they’re talking about killing the young strangers in town? … oh…