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Lords of Chaos

In news that makes you go “wait, hold on, WTF?” or possibly “Are you serious?”, Sion Sono (best known as the director behind Suicide Club and Noriko’s Dinner Table) really delivered with the strange on this one. I won’t lie, I don’t keep up with Sono’s career that much. He’s making waves currently with Love Exposure, which is supposed to be absolutely mind blowing and yet is also nearly four hours in length. I’m sorry, after Philosophy of a Knife it’s going to take some serious hype to get me to sit down that long again for one story. Although an interesting character, I just haven’t been in the type of mood to handle his recent films as of late.

Apparently, however it may have happened, he has been tapped as director for the upcoming Lords of Chaos feature film. His first English language production, it seems those interviews with his English teacher plastered all over youtube (some quite funny, search it out) have come in handy and he’s ready to take on directing a fairly large feature. Based off of a book that covered (amongs other things) the story of Varg Vikernes (AKA: Count Grishnackh the man behind Berzum and former bassist for Mayhem), who during the nineties helped burn down several churches and ultimately ended up killing fellow black metal musician Øystein Aarseth (AKA: Euronymous from Mayhem) by stabbing.

The really strange part is the lead, Varg will be played by Jackson Rathbone – teen heartthrob from Twilight. Although I haven’t seen Twilight (I have testicles and no girlfriend, why WOULD I see Twilight?), it’s just an overtly strange bit of casting but possibly indicative of how big this feature might be. Good for Sono, however I hope the production remains in his hands. This one could be a classic bit of “weird as hell” cinema!

Thanks to NipponCinema for the heads up!


Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl MangaI posted the trailer for this one not to long back, and if you haven’t seen it, give it a search it will BLOW YOUR MIND. Especially if you’ve been a fan of this new trend of Japanese splatter. Elevent Arts apparently picked up the rights for world sales for the film, the same company that handled Tokyo Gore Police and sold the film to Media Blasters/Tokyo Shock pretty quick here in the US. A theatrical release has been set for Japan for August 15th, but if you’re able you could always head to the New York Asian Film Festival here in the states and catch a screening. Sigh, wish I could as they’re apparently doing it up big time this year. Anyway, this new feature from Yoshihiro Nishimura (the director of Tokyo Gore Police) looks as completely and utterly insane as one would expect from the wacky FX-artist. Based upon a manga of the same name and focuses on two girls fighting over a boy, with one girl being a vampire and converting the boy to a creature of the night. Then, that boy’s girlfriend goes on the attack but is done away with and then put back together by a mad scientist… well, then I assume the actual battle that the title suggests takes place.

Keep an eye out for this one gorehounds, it should be on your list of absolute must-see flicks.


Versus DVD Re-Release

Posted by On May - 17 - 2009

VersusBack when it was first released, Versus was a massive thing in the horror community. Right up there with Audition, Ringu and Battle Royale it was one of the films that helped catapult many of us horror geeks into being full blown Japanese cinema addicts. Since then we’ve seen countless releases and with the growth in the Asian film market, many newer fans haven’t quite flocked to the film like I did back in those days. It’s a little silly, a little cheesy – but so much fun. You can’t get past the “cool” factor with Versus. It’s like Bad Taste meets The Matrix/Hard Boiled, just an excellent combo that I figured most every genre film geek could appreciate. Despite the detractors in recent years however, it’s still a fan favorite and Tokyo Shock knows this so of course they’re looking to make some more cash. Essentially it looks like a re-issue of their Versus: Ultimate Edition, but is apparently a shorter cut and doesn’t feature the tin and comes in a slim case. So, is it worth the double dip? Probably not, but for new fans to Asian cinema or even those who have been around but haven’t seen it – it’s definitely worth checking out. Features are listed as:

* Dolby Digital 5.1 Digital Surround
* Two Audio Commentaries
* Featurettes
* “Making Of” Documentaries
* Interviews
* Trailers
* “Nervous” (the side story mini-movie)
* More TBA

Available August 18th at select retailers.


Opie Gets Laid DVD

Posted by On May - 14 - 2009

Opie Gets LaidI was contacted this morning by writer/director James Ricardo that his feature film Opie Gets Laid has been released into the market by Vivendi Entertainment. Although I see many indie flicks that float in over any given month, but I will say this one has a few things going for it. (1) – The actually “acting” looks to be fairly convincing. (2) – The women in it are absolutely beautiful. (3) – Film Threat gave it four stars, and although they have a lot of different writers, generally I enjoy their opinions. (4) – Vivendi picked this one up, so others are definitely seeing something special in it (hey, they released Last Life in the Universe, Fulltime Killer amongst others) and last but not least (5) – The trailer makes it look very promising. So, according to the official site located right here, this is what the film is all about:

Opie Gets Laid is an offbeat sexy comedy about the world`s biggest loser and how he ends up dating and mating three very different women at once.

Opie is a 30 year old virgin whose life revolves around a daily grind of wolfing down junk food and watching TV. Content with his boring life, everything goes spectacularly awry for Opie the day a sexy pot dealer chick named Thai mistakenly knocks on his loft door.

Thai opens Opie to the possibilities of love, but then so does her blonde leather- clad lesbian lover, Dakota. Opie then meets the free spirited, gun-toting Rain via an internet personal ad and is soon mating and dating her as well.

The setup at first is a dream come true for our geek hero until the women begin to grow hilariously jealous of each other and slowly drive Opie crazy. It all boils to a big emotional climax where the women demand Opie choose one of them.

Now check out the trailer and if you like what you see, check it out at Best Buy or your local Hollywood Video.


Miike to Take on Thirteen Assassins Remake

Posted by On May - 12 - 2009

Takashi MiikeTakashi Miike is a director willing to take on just about any project that comes his way. Although he has appeared more selective in his output in the past few years, his choices have remained entertaining and interesting. With his adaptation of Yatterman doing big business at the box office in Japan, right now is a good time to be Miike. His next project, a remake, will be one of his few period pieces. This one however looks to be more action oriented than Sabu. The remake, for Toho and London-stationed HanWay Films, has few details out about it right now but if the new film stays true to the original film it will deal with thirteen assassins embarking on a mission to end the rule of an evil and young lord. The project should go under the lens around July, so keep your eyes pealed for any casting information which I’ll try to post as it comes in. For now, check out the trailer for the original 1963 film!




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