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VCinema 2 – Another Fun Success!

Posted by On August - 30 - 2009

Just want to take some time out to thank everyone who was able to show for the event tonight. For those who don’t follow, we’ve been hosting gatherings now two months in a row with the intention of gathering as many genre fans as possible while we watch a movie streamed for us all to chat along with. Tonight the film was Riki Oh: The Story of Ricky, and for those familiar with the film you know it’s a lot of laughs. So, it was a blast and a lot of great friends showed up to make the even even better. Coffin Jon gave his reviews for the two classic anthology flicks in Tales From the Crypt, Vault of Horror and a fitting kung fu classic in Heroes of the East – which I just HAVE to see now.

We took some more voting as well and it looks like Shogun Assassin will be the film we’re to watch for VCinema III on September 27th. Another bloody classic! We managed to get up to 20 visitors last night, on a night where a few of our friends were actually missing in action. Next month, we’re hoping to do even better! I hope more of you guys can join in on what is probably the most fun I have all month now!


RIP Shing Fui-On

Posted by On August - 28 - 2009

Shing Fui-OnSad news in the Hong Kong film world everybody. Veteran character actor Shing Fui-On has passed on, succumbing to nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Born in 1955 and discovered as a laborer on a film set, he was picked out by the director due to his menacing grimace. This same grimace and stare would lead him to roles in 164 films according to the IMDB. Genre fans will best recognize him for his work in films such as The Untold Story, Cheetah on Fire, the God of Gamblers series, Tragic Heroes and of course John Woo’s The Killer. The man was charismatic and always left an impression in any of his roles, he will be sorely missed by Western audiences as much as he will those in the East. Rest in Peace Shing Fui-On.


Noboru Iguchi’s Robogeisha Updates

Posted by On August - 26 - 2009

RobogeishaWildman Noboru Iguchi’s latest Robogeisha has been picking up some hype as of late, and a couple of interesting things have popped up. First of all is the official website has gone active and with it a very nice stills gallery – which is where this nifty image to your left came from. The official release date for the film is October 3rd 2009 so we still have quite a ways to see just how strange Iguchi’s latest vission is. However, I’m willing to bet we’ll be seeing a lot of arterial spray and sexual odditys with maybe some vaginal imagery. I cannot friggin’ wait! Here’s a music video for the flick from youtube in order to hype you up even more, it’s apparently called Lose Yourself.


Buttgereit’s Bizarre Project

Posted by On August - 25 - 2009

This is old news that might catch some of you offguard. Jorg Buttgereit is the famed cult film director responsible for films such as Nekromantik, Schramm, Der Todesking and several others. This recent project however, looks to be quite the different sort of affair than what we’ve become accustomed to from the artistic and disturbing Buttgereit. Apparently based off of an old short he made as well as a stage play he has had going, this latest addition to his filmography is a filmed version of that play with a slightly grindhouse twist. The film is Captain Berlin Vs. Hitler, and tells the story of Hitler’s brain returning in a robot body but thankfully Captain Berlin – Germany’s only super hero – is there to save the day. Check out the trailer and prepare to be amazed.


Trailer Break! Overheard

Posted by On August - 17 - 2009

OverheardAlan Mak and Felix Chong should be fairly recognizable names to any fans of Asian cinema. After all, they were the writers behind the most epic saga Hong Kong has likely ever seen with their crime epic Infernal Affairs trilogy, which was of course remade as The Departed. Anyhow, I haven’t really kept up with these filmmakers since their breakout trilogy (mostly because Initial D didn’t look like anything I would be interested in), but have found some interest in their latest project.

Looking very much like one of the Infernal Affairs flicks, Overheard seems to have that quick-paced narrative down as well as the solid cast. Featuring the likes of Ching Wan Lau, Waise Lee and even the often maligned Michael Wong. I’m hoping for the best from this one even if it has received some fairly mixed reviews. Twitch seemed to hate it, but lovehkfilm seemed to dig it. It’s a fifty-fifty shot, but I have some faith in this project. Anyway, the basic plot is as follows:

A major stock exchange in the world, Hong Kong attracts not only money but any who try to manipulate the market. At the Hong Kong Police Force Commercial Crime Bureau, an operation is underway to infiltrate a trading company, Feng Hua International where a man, nicknamed “Boss” is the chief suspect.

The team, led by Inspector Leung (Lau Ching Wan) together with Yeung (Louis Koo) and Lam (Daniel Wu) install interception devices to monitor the company’s communications. When a crucial information on a surging share were intercepted, a moment of greed led the team in a cross fire between the Bureau and the boss.




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