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Angel Force

Posted by JoshSamford On February - 25 - 2012

Angel Force (1991)
Director: Hua Shan and Simon Chun Yueng
Writers: Johnny Lee
Starring: Moon Lee, Wilson Lam, Shing Fui-On and Wang Lung Wei

The Plot: Angel Force begins by introducing the audience to Herman (Shing Fui-On) who is walking through a underground parking garage with his henchmen who are carrying briefcases full of cash. Before this group can make it to their illegal meeting, two interpol officers, Lung (Wilson Lam) and May (Moon Lee), jump from out of the shadows and begin questioning them. What follows is a brutal fight scene that allows Herman his chance to escape. Skip forward and we watch as Lung and his wife, who are a young couple with a son, preparing to finally head off on a long overdue vacation. Lung is a government agent though, so as you might have already expected, his plans don’t come to fruition. He is immediately called off from this vacation and must instead help find Herman who has now ran away to Burma. Lung is now given the option to put together his very own special team of agents in order to travel into Burma and tackle Herman headfirst. He of course brings along May (Moon Lee), as well as a group of violent and specialized warriors. Will they be successful in their mission, or will Herman walk away free yet again?

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Quick Draw Okatsu

Posted by On February - 18 - 2012

Quick Draw Okatsu (1969)
Director: Nobuo Nakagawa
Writers: Kôji Takada
Starring: Junko Miyazono, Reiko Oshida, Reiko Ônobuta and Kô Nishimura

The Plot: A sequel in name only, this entry into the Legends of the Poisonous Seductress series introduces the audiences to a brand new leading character. This time out, Junko Miyazono plays the young and beautiful Okatsu, who is an adopted member of a very strong swordsman school. She takes after her adopted father much more than her half-brother Rintaro, who doesn’t want to have anything to do with his biological father’s school. When Rintaro decides that he has had enough, he runs away from home in order to be with his now-pregnant girlfriend Saki. When he attempts to earn money for his new life, he ends up in a crooked gambling den where he is hustled into a massive debt. While in this den, he is introduced to Rue (Reiko Oshida). Rue is acting as a thorn in the side of the evil government officials who run the gambling den, and whom she feels has perverted the local government. As it turns out, though, this gambling-debt scheme was a preconceived plot by the evil official Shiozaki so that he may finally take Okatsu as his lover. His goal turns out to be hoisting Rintaro with this massive debt, and forcing Okatsu and her father to be liable for the money. When this madman inevitably gets what he wants and tortures the beautiful Okatsu and kills her father, he unleashes the scorn of this powerful young woman and her revenge will be ferocious.

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Executioner, The

Posted by On February - 14 - 2012

The Executioner (1974)
Director: Teruo Ishii
Writers: Teruo Ishii
Starring: Sonny Chiba, Makato Soto, Eiji Gô and Yutaka Nakajima

The Plot: Ryuichi Koga (Sonny Chiba) is the heir to the Koga ninja clan. The last in line for the ancient wisdom of his family’s ninja philosophy, Ryuichi unfortunately was a rather rebellious youth. As a young man, Ryuichi wanted very little to do with this family tradition. However, as he attempted to escape his grandfather’s home, the old man would always block his exit and try to instill in Ryuichi the pride of his family. As a grown man, Ryuichi is then adopted by a non-government enterprise who want to use his impressive skills to take down a Yakuza-led drug trafficking ring. The yakuza are using a Latin American woman, who is protected by diplomatic immunity, to smuggle dope in her carry-on bag. Unfortunately, the last time the police took this case on directly, the department was left incredibly embarrassed with multiple dead police officers. With no evidence pointing to this diplomatically protected young woman, the police commissioner retired alongside his best man in order to save face for the department. While in retirement, he organized this non-government funded force that looks to employ Ryuichi in order to operate outside of the system and gather the proper evidence needed to land a conviction. With a sadist leading this drug ring, Ryuichi will have to team with this oddball police force (of sorts) and defeat an army of evil men!

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Female Demon Ohyaku

Posted by On February - 8 - 2012

Female Demon Ohyaku (1968)
Director: Yoshihiko Ishikawa
Writers: Koji Takada and Takeshi Takahashi
Starring: Junko Miazono, Koji Nanbara, Kunio Murai and Kinji Nakamura.

The Plot: Our film begins with Ohyaku, an infant at the time, being held by her mother as she attempts to commit suicide by jumping off of a bridge into water. The young Ohyaku survives this leap, but is forever scarred across her back. We skip forward and find Ohyaku (Junko Miyazono) as a beautiful young woman. She has become a hustler of sorts, and has lately been running a scam where she seduces rich men before her friend breaks into the room and threatens to murder his cheating “wife.” The scam works well, but Ohyaku also manages to make a living working as a tightrope walker where all of the horndogs come to watch her walk across the tightrope while trying to peek up her dress. When the crowd becomes overly rebellious one evening, the young Ronin named Shin (Kunio Murai) stands up and helps protects the young woman’s honor. Shin and Ohyaku soon begin flirting, and it seems that Shin wants to induct this woman into his gang of bandits. His latest plan is to rob the local Sengoku government of a hefty shipment of gold, but he only intends to do this in order to teach the greedy bureaucrats a lesson. Meanwhile, Ohyaku finally discovers her mother’s secret past, as a prostitute, and this leads her fleeing into the arms of Shin who accepts her as a woman as well as a warrior. The two are soon engaged, and they are successful in robbing the government of the previously mentioned shipment of gold. However, the tables are turned when they are sold out and Shin is placed on the chopping block. With everything in this young woman’s life being stripped of her, Ohyaku intends to take revenge on those who have denied her the life she so desperately wanted.

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JapanFlix Goes Worldwide!

Posted by On February - 3 - 2012
Hey all, big news on the JapanFlix front! For those of you outside of North America, you haven’t been able to take advantage of their awesome rental service. However, after making a few moves, JapanFlix have now made a deal to open up their borders. From now on, all Pink Eiga titles will be available in all markets outside of Japan itself. That gives you access to titles such as The Japanese Wife Next Door, S&M Hunter, Tsumugi and various others. Hopefully JapanFlix will be able to do the same with the rest of their library in the near future. A library that has recently been extended with their acquirement of many titles from the Well Go USA catalog! To continue reading up on this worldwide distribution deal, you can follow this link to the JapanFlix blog!



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