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MST3K: King Dinosaur

Posted by On March - 19 - 2012

MST3K: King Dinosaur (1990)
Director: Jim Mallon
Writers: Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy, Jim Mallon, etc.
Starring: Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy, Jim Mallon, and Frank Conniff

The Plot: In the not-too-distant future, Joel Robinson (Joel Hodgeson) is abducted by his boss, Dr. Forrester, at Gizmonic institute and shot into outer space. Forrester then sends him the very worst movies that he can find in order to document his reactions. Joel, who has built two robot friends named Crow and Tom Servo, watches these movies and has a good time making fun of them in order to keep his sanity. In this episode, Dr. Forrester forces Joel to watch the 50s sci-fi title known as King Dinosaur. The story focuses on two couples, who are also scientists, that arrive on the distant planet called Nova. Nova is very similar to our earth, but as these scientists begin to investigate they find that it is slightly more primitive. Featuring giant tyrannosaurus-rex dinosaurs, who look a LOT like the household Iguana, and a lot of other really bad creature FX. This one looks like it is going to be a rough ride for Joel and his crew. Will they survive, or will their minds melt whilst watching?

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Murder Obsession

Posted by On March - 16 - 2012

Murder Obsession (1981)
Director: Riccardo Freda
Writers: Antonio Cesare Corti, Antonio Cesare Corti, Riccardo Freda, Simon Mizrahi and Fabio Piccioni
Starring: Stefano Patrizi, Martine Brochard, Laura Gemser and Henri Garcin

The Plot: Our film opens on the set of a movie where we watch as a lovely young woman (played by Laura Gemser) is nearly killed by her castmate Michael (Stefano Patrizi ). The scene was supposed to call for Michael to sneak up on her and pretend to strangle the young woman, but things go awry when Michael has to be pulled off by the crew in order to rescue the girl. Michael, the son of a now-deceased maestro, then decides to head off with his girlfriend Deborah so that the two can visit his still-living mother who resides in his family’s mansion. While visiting his mother, who may have an incestuous fascination with her son, Michael intends to have a good time with all of his cast and crew who are also supposed to come and visit for this weekend. However, once everyone arrives, we start to discover a bit more about Michael’s sordid past. Apparently his father was murdered and it seems Michael may have been the one responsible. Could these past sins from Michael’s childhood come back to haunt him in a typically violent fashion? Tune in to find out!

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“Accident” to be released on DVD/Bluray

Posted by JoshSamford On March - 16 - 2012
The good folks over at Shout! Factory are truly stepping their game up in terms of becoming a presence in the Asian film market. They have recently acquired a deal with Korean film distributors CJ Entertainment (who represent a vast catalog of South Korean films), and this release shows that they aren’t sticking with only one film market. Announced yesterday, Shout! Factory will be bringing the Milky Way produced (that’s Johnny To’s studio, by the way) Accident to the North American marketplace on June 12, 2012. From director Soi Cheang (Dog Bite Dog), this looks to be a very solid thriller with the quintessential Milky Way “style” thrown into the mix. Interested audiences can now pre-order the title via Amazon! Look forward to more coverage here on Varied Celluloid, but for now take a gander at the plot synopsis as well as the original trailer.

A self-styled accident choreographer, Brain (Louis Koo) is a professional hit man who kills his victims by trapping them in well crafted accidents that look like unfortunate mishaps but are in fact perfectly staged acts of crime. He is perennially plagued with guilt, as the avalanche of memories of his lost wife does not make things any easier.

After one mission inexplicably goes wrong, costing the life of one of his men, Brain becomes convinced that this accident has been choreographed: someone is out there plotting to terminate him and his team. He becomes increasingly paranoid, not knowing whether or not to trust his friends and accomplices.

The Undrawn kickstarter campaign!

Posted by On March - 13 - 2012

The good folks over at Substance Productions forwarded a bit of news to me, so I thought I would pass it along! The fine folks that they are, they even showed me a few minutes from this upcoming project that they are now trying to crowdsource. For those of you unaware, these are the gentleman behind one of my favorite faux-docu-comedies to come from the independent film world: The Notorious Newman Brothers. A very funny, and totally insane, little independent comedy that definitely takes its own approach to the genre. Their latest project looks to continue in that same vein. The Undrawn is planned as a six part web series and is being characterized as The Office meets The X-Men. Essentially it details a group of superheroes who all seem far from “super.” From what I have seen, the series looks like it is going to be a blast! Right now, you can help pitch in and get the ball rolling on this project by donating to their kickstarter! Any little bit helps, and if you follow the link you can get a taste of what is to come!


Posted by On March - 13 - 2012

Familiar (2012)
Director: Richard Powell
Writers: Richard Powell
Starring: Robert Nolan, Astrida Auza and Cathryn Hostick

The Plot: John Dodd (Robert Nolan) is a very ordinary man with seemingly ordinary problems. He has a wife, a teenage daughter, a nice house, and a solid job. What more could he ask for? Well, apparently a whole lot, including some psychological help. John hates his life, and he can hardly tolerate another day where he has to listen to his wife complain about her busy schedule. The last straw seems to come when his wife tells him that they are expecting another child, and this pushes John into a new realm of internal anger. A selfish man on the inside, John complains and rages within his mind but says nothing to the outside world. Slowly, this anger seems to be taking control of his mind and manifesting itself in very dark ways. When he decides that he will do something about the pregnancy, he truly becomes monstrous. John orders a particular type of poison off of the internet, which John then begins feeding his wife during her meals. This drug is not fatal in low dosages, but ultimately causes his wife to have a miscarriage. However, is this the furthest John will take these demented thoughts? Or will his inner-monster push him to go in even more sordid directions?

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