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In Their Skin

Posted by On October - 27 - 2012

In Their Skin (2012)
Director: Jeremy Power Regimbal
Writers: Joshua Close
Starring: Selma Blair, Joshua Close and James D’Arcy

The Plot: Mary (Selma Blair) and Mark Hughes (Josh Close) are a married couple who are currently grieving over the death of their daughter. Their grief has put a heavy strain on their marriage, but the couple try their best to hold it together for their surviving son Brendon (Quinn Lord). This family tries to escape their worries by heading off to a cottage that they have in the woods, but this trip is soon going to become a nightmare. While adjusting to their situation, the Hughes family are approached by their new neighbors Bobby (James D’Arcy), Jane (Rachel Miner), and their son Jared (Alex Ferris). While this family acts a little strange at first, they ultimately seem harmless. After they are invited to dinner though, these neighbors prove to be the family from hell. They are pushy, awkward, and even seem a bit violent. After the Hughes family kicks this group from their home, they are soon faced with the wrath of the strange group from next door. What follows is a night of hell and torment as Bobby and his family try to torture the Hughes household and take over their identity.

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Posted by JoshSamford On October - 25 - 2012

Bedevilled (2010)
Director: Jang Cheol-soo
Writers: Choi Kwang-young
Starring: Seo Young-hee, Ji Sung-won, and Park Jeong-hak

The Plot: Bedevilled opens by showing two punks beat on a woman, and it turns out that these two goons actually beat the young girl to death. Hae-won (Ji Sung-won), who works at a loan office, just so happened to be the only witness to this crime. However, when the police drag her in to stand as a witness against these thugs, she repeats the fact that she didn’t see the faces of the attackers and thus cannot testify against these men. The two punks are released, and they aren’t very thankful for her allowing them to walk free. They immediately threaten and harass her. Hae-won returns to work, but finds herself having a war of words with one of her coworkers. After this incident, she is locked inside of a restroom stall in what appears to be a practical joke. Being filled with anger, Hae-won slaps the coworker who she was having problems with earlier, thinking that this person was responsible for the “joke,” but it turns out that it was all merely an accident due to a janitor jamming the door. Hae-won is relieved of her duties and takes an extended vacation. She returns to her home island, where nothing has really changed. While in town, she visits with her former best friend, Kim Bok-nam (Seo Young-hee), but finds that this good friend is in a great deal of trouble. Her husband is abusive and repeatedly cheats on her in their own home. As Bok-nam is pressed further and further, this poor abused woman finds out an even darker secret hiding right under her nose. She is pushed and pushed until she seems to be heading towards a mental breaking point.

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I Am Bruce Lee coming from Shout Factory!

Posted by On October - 25 - 2012
If you know Varied Celluloid, you know we love martial arts cinema. And Bruce Lee is certainly an integral part of that genre. The godfather of martial arts cinema, his work still endures a great deal of appreciation today, and the legends about this man certainly do live on. I Am Bruce Lee is a documentary about the man, his legend, and his legacy, and it is finally hitting DVDs and Bluray! The fine folks at Shout Factory, in collaboration with FremantleMedia Enterprises, are releasing the film into the home video market on January 15th, 2013. Those who Order directly from will receive a limited-edition exclusive 18″x24″ I Am Bruce Lee poster. This is only available while supplies last.

To pre-order the Bluray, click here!
To pre-order the DVD, click here!

I Am Bruce Lee is the amazing story of one of the greatest icons ever to enter the public consciousness, the first film to truly tell Bruce Lee’s story in his own words and actions, as well as through the eyes of the international stars from the worlds of film, television, music and sports.

Featuring original interviews with UFC President Dana White, NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant, boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, actor Mickey Rourke, The Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo, legendary martial artists Dan Inosanto, Richard Bustillo, Bob Wall (Enter the Dragon) and Gene LeBell, and unprecedented conversations with Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee and his wife Linda Lee Cadwell, plus the best of Bruce Lee’s ground-breaking martial arts action films and rare archival footage, this is the definitive story of a man whose legacy will endure forever.


Posted by On October - 24 - 2012

Parents (1989)
Director: Bob Balaban
Writers: Christopher Hawthorne
Starring: Randy Quaid, Mary Beth Hurt, and Bryan Madorsky

The Plot: Michael Laemle (Bryan Madorsky) is a very introverted young boy living in 1950s America. When his family moves to a new suburb in Massachusetts, he must adjust to his new school with all of the new kids. Michael, as one might expect, is not the very best at making friends, and before long his guidance counselors become fixated on the young boy and his apparent mental issues. Questions are raised about his home environment, but his parents seem like the perfect image of 1950s Americana. Michael’s dad is a biologist and his mother seems to be the perfect homemmaker, but Michael suspects they are much more than this. He seems to believe that his parents are cannibal murderers. As he snoops around the house and tries to investigate his family, he finds himself unable to come up with anything concrete… but he still holds his suspicions, and before long, the truth will be exposed.

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Long Island Cannibal Massacre, The

Posted by On October - 23 - 2012

The Long Island Cannibal Massacre (1980)
Director: Nathan Schiff
Writers: Nathan Schiff
Starring: John Smihula, Fred Borges, and Michael Siegal

The Plot: After a series of dead bodies start to pop up in Long Island, inspector James Cameron (John Smihula) begins to feel many regrets about his job. The law is starting to feel like a burden that holds him back from discovering just who is responsible for these brutal killings. These murders are absolutely heinous, and Cameron would do just about anything to bring in the man responsible. Unknown to Cameron, the fiend responsible for these crimes is a local beach owner named Jack (Fred Borges) who has been killing innocent women so that he can feed their body parts to his father and his friends. You see, Jack’s father returned home from Vietnam with a very serious version of leprosy that… well, causes him to desire human flesh… for some reason. Anyway, Jack has been paying two bikers to help him gather the bodies necessary to feed these hungry veterans, but with Cameron snooping around his beaches it becomes a waiting game to see how long this little charade can continue.

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