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I Love it From Behind!

Posted by On June - 23 - 2013

I Love it From Behind! (1981)
Director: Koyu Ohara
Writers: Kazuhiko Ban
Starring: Junko Asahina, Yumi Hayakawa, Kazuhiko Ishida, and Mari Kishida

The Plot: I Love it From Behind! tells the story of Mimei (Junko Asahina), a woman who is soon to be given away in an arranged marriage, but before she does that she wants to live her life to its fullest potential. To do this, she feels the need to sleep with one hundred men. I’ll repeat that, in order to give her life meaning, she feels the need to sleep with one hundred men. With every man she has an encounter with, she takes an ink print of their manhood in order to best hold onto the memories. When we first meet this young woman, she is about halfway through her goal. Although we do not watch every single one of her fifty remaining encounters, we get the drift. She begins to court as many men as possible, but she finds other missions to occupy her mind. Chief among these subplots is one dealing with Mimei’s roommates who have been so let down by the men in Tokyo that they’ve resorted to a lesbian lifestyle. Mimei decides to help them out, while also trying to find the one man in Tokyo who actively refuses to sleep with her. This gent who refuses Mimei’s charms is a rough and tumble fellow who seems impervious to Mimei’s flirting, and that is precisely why she MUST bed him.

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Posted by On June - 5 - 2013

Nightfall (2012)
Director: Roy Chow
Writers: Christine To
Starring: Nick Cheung, Simon Yam, Janice Man, Kay Tse, and Michael Wong

The Plot: Nightfall is a recent Hong Kong thriller focusing on Wong Yuen-yeung (Nick Cheung), a man who has recently been released from prison after serving twenty years for murder. Wong was arrested at the age of 19 for strangling and murdering a young girl who he was apparently quite infatuated with. Once released from jail, Wong begins to immediately stalk Zoe, the younger adopted sister of his previous victim. Zoe is a prodigious pianist, and that seems to make sense because her father Han Tsui (played by Michael Wong) is a well known musician that is respected throughout the world. What most do not realize, however, is that Han Tsui is abusive and seems to have a bizarre infatuation with Zoe as well. As Wong’s stalking continues, he is spotted following Zoe, so Han Tsui’s grip on Zoe begins to tighten further. Soon enough though, Han Tsui’s body turns up on the beach with his face completely smashed in. Inspector Lam (Simon Yam) is placed on the case, but he is having his own family problems and has had trouble understanding why his wife committed suicide and left him to look after their daughter on his own. While everything seems like it should be quite open-and-shut, in the wake of his wife’s death, Lam has become obsessed with digging deeper into his cases. As he does, he finds that this story truly isn’t as clear-cut as it first appears.

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Sadako 3D

Posted by On June - 2 - 2013

Sadako 3D (2012)
Director: Tsutomu Hanabusa
Writers: Satomi Ishihara, Koji Suzuki, and Tsutomu Takahashi
Starring: Satomi Ishihara, Koji Seto, Yusuke Yamamoto, and Ai Hashimoto

The Plot: Sadako 3D is a continuation of the original Ringu series and takes place thirteen years after the events of the first film. Our story begins with two mysterious suicides, one involving a man at a bus station and another involving a schoolgirl. Although neither seems to have any evidence of foul play, Detective Koiso (Ryosei Tayama) and his partner both suspect something strange is afoot. It appears that both victims do have a link between their deaths, they each watched a video online that ended with an eerie voice saying “you’re not the one.” It seems that this video is gaining notoriety as a cursed video, and everyone who seems to watch it ends up dead shortly after viewing it. In the video, it is said that online video artist Kashiwada Seiji (Yusuke Yamamoto) can be seen being murdered/committing suicide, but the only people who have actually seen the video have all met a grizzly demise at this point. Soon the audience is introduced to Akane Ayukawa (Satomi Ishihara), a very young school teacher who taught the young girl who died from the video. As Akane begins her own investigation into this savage online video, she finds that it may very well be tied to Sadako, the ghostly apparition from the original Ringu. Will she find a way to stop this viral catastrophe, or will it continue to take the lives of all her students?

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