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Nympho Diver: G-String Festival

Posted by JoshSamford On August - 20 - 2013

Nympho Diver: G-String Festival (1981)
Director: Atsushi Fujiura
Writers: Kazuhiko Ban and Atsushi Fujiura
Starring: Eri Anzai, Rima Aono, Kazuyo Ezaki, and Maki Kawamura

The Plot: In a small coastal Japanese village, the mayor finds himself in a bit of a pickle. The town is missing any sort of allure or draw to outsiders, and the entire community is suffering because of it. In the past, there was once a team of female divers that regularly drew the attention of the outside world due to their very risque clothing. Unfortunately, the only diver left is well into her middle-age years. So, the mayor and the dive team send Nobuo, a charming young man who is apparently able to grab the attention of any female he makes a play for, into the big city in order to draw a handful of women back to their small town. The girls are all young, perky, and easily persuaded into taking this wacky job. Soon enough, a love triangle develops around Nobuo, and a local perverted monk makes a play for one of the girls. Crazy hijinks ensue.

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Retard-O-Tron III released

Posted by On August - 18 - 2013
The art of the video mixtape is one that few could hope to master. It takes a dark sense of humor and a love of all things profane. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Cinema Sewer mastermind Robin Bougie would be involved in one of the most “well-respected” series within this genre: The Retard-O-Tron video mixtape. In this third outing, which took multiple years to complete, the creators seem to have packed as much insanity into their product as humanly possible. Check out this press release and search out the mother of all video mixtapes!

So, here it is. Retard-O-Tron III! The long wait is over, and the insanity is once again about to commence. ROT3 is a demented but fun hell-ride through that bad neighborhood of video, TV, porn, home videos, cinema, and found footage. It’s the dvd you put on at a party to find out who your real friends are!

What’s that? You want some fun facts about Retard-O-Tron III? Here you go:

* This third volume is being released on August 17th 2013. Mark your calendar, because that is when the riots start.

* Retard-O-Tron I was released in December 2005, and Retard-O-Tron II in December 2008. Retard-O-Tron was a major inspiration on a whole underground movement of modern generation of mixtapers, and this new volume of filth, crusty wizardry, and emotional nausea is expected to save freedom, cure depression, and inspire nightmares.

* The running time is 90 minutes, and there is a drunken-yet-informative audio commentary by Cinema Sewer/Sleazy Slice magazine creator Robin Bougie and friends amongst the extra features on the dvd release.

* The dvd version can be bought from the dvd section of the Cinema Sewer online store, which is located here:

* As with the previous volumes, a free downloadable version will also be made available somewhere in December.

* 3 years of work were put into compiling offbeat and wonderful clips from around the globe from a variety of sources, and unlike the earlier volumes, only “original edits” make up the running time. As with each successive volume, it is a far superior product, and editor Roelewapper and presenter Robin Bougie are thrilled to bring it to you!

Trailer: Click Here

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Guillotines, The

Posted by JoshSamford On August - 18 - 2013

The Guillotines (2012)
Director: Andrew Lau
Writers: Aubrey Lam, Joyce Chan, Jojo Hui Yuet-Chun, Peter Tsi, Junli Guom, and Koon-nam Lui
Starring: Xiaoming Huang, Ethan Juan, Purba Rgyal, Tian Gao, and Jimmy Wang Yu

The Plot: The Guillotines are a special group of warriors compiled with the goal of protecting the Qing dynasty. They are magnificent fighters who help control the flow of the kingdom from the shadows. Their weapon of choice is a spinoff of the flying guillotine, and they are well known for taking the head off of their enemies. However, they may have met their match when they confront a mystical man named Wolf (Huang Xiaoming) who is the leader of a cult-like group known as The Herders. They at first capture Wolf, but due to his committed cohorts, he quickly escapes from prison. Now it is up to The Guillotines, lead by Leng (Ethan Juan) and Haidu (Shawn Yue), to track him down and bring about justice. However, Leng and Haidu have their own problems. Leng, a Han-chinese born (like Wolf, and unlike the Manchurian government he is fighting for), has grew to consider The Guillotines as his only true family. Haidu, however, views the group as being expendable in order to protect the kingdom. As these two have their clashes, they will also find a very powerful and persuasive “villain” with Wolf.

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King of the Streets, The

Posted by JoshSamford On August - 10 - 2013

King of the Streets (2012)
Director: Yue Song, Zhong Lei
Writers: Yue Song, Zhong Lei
Starring: Yue Song, Li YuFei, Yang JianPing, and Kang En

The Plot: Feng (Yue Song) is a young man that has just got out of prison. As a teen, the young man was known as The Street Fighter and regularly demonstrated his skill. After accidentally killing one of his opponents though, Feng was given eight years in prison to think about how he applies his martial skill. After his release, Feng tries his best to avert any trouble, but when he runs into a beautiful young woman (Li YuFei) who needs his help, he finds himself defending both her as well as the orphanage that she looks after. This means he will be going headfirst into combat with a group of thugs who run an underground streetfighting group.

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