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Last Tycoon, The

Posted by JoshSamford On September - 17 - 2013

The Last Tycoon (2012)
Director: Wong Jing
Writers: Andrew Lau and Connie Wong
Starring: Chow Yun-fat, Sammo Hung, Francis Ng, and Huang Xiaoming

The Plot: The Last Tycoon is set within Shanghai during the early years of the republic. Cheng Daqi (Chow Yun-Fat) is a young man who has his life turned upside down when he is framed for a crime that he did not commit. After escaping from prison, Cheng becomes a mover and a shaker within the Shanghai underworld. After years of progress, Cheng becomes one of the most powerful men in Shanghai, but he soon finds himself torn between certain members of his own government as well as the Japanese military, who have their own dark motives. Combined with this, Cheng also runs into his former lover, but she is committed to another man. With chaos brewing, Cheng will have to find a way to resolve all of his issues.

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Devil Hunters

Posted by JoshSamford On September - 2 - 2013

Devil Hunters (1989)
Director: Lu Chin-Ku
Starring: Moon Lee, Sibelle Hu, Ray Lui, Chan Wai Man, Ken Lo, and Francis Ng

The Plot: Inspector Tong (Sibelle Hu) is a tough policewoman who stands out to her Superintendent (Alex Man), and because of this she is placed in charge of an assignment to bust veteran gangster Hon San. However, when the day comes, a young woman named Abby (Moon Lee) steps in and disrupts the bust. The police disruption is noted by Hon San and all of the other gangsters involved. This leads to Chiu Shing (Francis Ng) forcing Hon San to step down as leader and allow him to lead their criminal organization. Shing is a madman and immediately starts killing off all who could be seen as a liability. This leads to the death of Chai Sun’s (Ramyond Lui) father, which leads Chai Sun on a quest for vengeance against Hon San. So, now the police, Chai Sun, and the strange woman named Abby are all after Hon San, although none know that Shing is actually the madman whom they should be chasing.

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