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Halloween Horrors

Posted by JoshSamford On May - 22 - 2014
For several years, Varied Celluloid has put on annual review marathon called Halloween Horrors. We absolutely love the festivities and do our best to help you, the reader, get into the spirit and hopefully pick out some fun Halloween viewing material. So, on this page, we are trying to create an index of the movies that have been reviewed during this event – in order, for you to enjoy. Some reviews might be missing (from the early days, mostly), and some years might not be up yet, but do enjoy these lists! They look a great deal of effort! Follow each link for an easy-to-navigate list of the movies reviewed on each individual year!

Halloween Horrors 2005

Halloween Horrors 2008

Halloween Horrors 2009

Halloween Horrors 2010

Halloween Horrors 2011

Halloween Horrors 2011

Posted by JoshSamford On May - 22 - 2014
Halloween Horrors 2011 focused a great deal on the obscure. Dealing mostly with foreign cinema, this was a very productive year and featured numerous great films among the content that was covered.

Halloween Horrors #01: Cold Eyes of Fear
We begin in Italy and focus on the giallo, a genre that will be well-represented on this list!

Halloween Horrors #02: Diary of a Serial Killer
Hong Kong steps up to the plate and delivers this unsettling CAT III serial killer flick.

Halloween Horrors #03: Cannibal Campout
A VHS horror masterpiece for the ages! Well, not really, but it was shot on VHS and it is a horror movie.

Halloween Horrors #04: Eyeball
Some more Italian horror for the festivities. Eyeball is an underrated little giallo flick that more people should seek out!

Halloween Horrors #05: Spasmo
Continuing with the giallo theme, with this one things manage to get pretty weird. Not necessarily good, but certainly weird.

Halloween Horrors #06: Blood Diner
A classic piece of horror-comedy, Blood Diner is bizarre and wonderful in a multitude of ways.

Halloween Horrors #07: Robotrix
Not strictly a horror film, Robotrix has enough gore and insanity in it to warrant the title.

Halloween Horrors #08: Alien Space Avenger
Honestly, I’m not even sure how we dug this one up.

Halloween Horrors #09: The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail
More giallo horror for this special occasion! Not an alltime classic, but it has its moments.

Halloween Horrors #10: Death Weekend
Although the title makes it sound silly, this exploitation thriller is anything but that.

Halloween Horrors #11: The Slumber Party Massacre
How about some massacre-ing to go with that slumber party you’re having this weekend? Sounds good to me!

Halloween Horrors #12: The Slit-Mouthed Woman
Thanks to popular internet horror stories, Slit-Mouthed Woman has become more and more popular within recent years. This adaptation of the Japanese tale isn’t great, but it’s not all that bad either.

Halloween Horrors #13: Blood Curse
A very solid supernatural Spanish horror title. Certainly worth checking out!

Halloween Horrors #14: The Hillside Stranglings
Things get really dark in this based-on-true-events horror thriller.

Halloween Horrors #15: Root of Evil
An Asian horror title that is about a haunted tree… no, I swear, it’s not as silly as that sounds!

Halloween Horrors #16: Popatopolis
This is not so much a horror movie, as a documentary about a man who is infamous within the world of horror movies.

Halloween Horrors #17: Axe – by Prof. Aglaophotis
Prof. Aglaophotis steps up to the plate and delivers another of his obscure horror reviews as he takes on Axe!

Halloween Horrors #18: Who Can Kill a Child?
After watching this film, you too will believe that you can euthanize a young person.

Halloween Horrors #19: Corpse Mania
Ever wanted to see a Hong Kong giallo? Read the review and then go out and see it for yourself!

Halloween Horrors #20: Mystics in Bali
A true “WTF” piece of celluloid, Mystics in Bali is some must-see cinema.

Halloween Horrors #21: Slumber Party Massacre II
If there wasn’t enough slumber party massacre-ing during the first movie, move over and get ready for the next feature in this series!

Halloween Horrors #22: Messiah of Evil – by Prof. Aglaophotis
Prof. Aglaophotis drops in for a review of this classic indie horror, Messiah of Evil. A shockingly well-made movie to have went so many years wandering in obscurity.

Halloween Horrors #23: The Killer Must Kill Again
A very bizarre-but-beautiful giallo, this is certainly one that deserves to have more eyes on it.

Halloween Horrors #24: The Church
Ending with Italy, and one of the more intriguing classic pieces of Italian horror cinema.

Halloween Horrors 2009

Posted by JoshSamford On May - 22 - 2014
Halloween Horrors 2009 turned out to be a very brief celebration. Varied Celluloid was starting up a podcast/webcast with VCinema at the time and the Halloween festivities were hard to get to. Still, all five films covered during this October were all classic horror films. These were all movies that wouldn’t normally be covered during a regular month, so it mad the season a bit more special.

Halloween Horrors # 01: Friday the 13th
We here at Varied Celluloid are HUGE fans of the Friday the 13th series! Even when they’re bad, they’re still pretty good. This first film, however, is not one of the bad ones. Featuring an interesting plot and a good pace, the original should never be over-looked.

Halloween Horrors # 02: Salem’s Lot
Salem’s Lot, for whatever reason, is constantly overlooked by the horror community. Genuinely creepy and still holding up, it’s one of the best films you can put on during the Halloween season.

Halloween Horrors # 03: Friday the 13th Part 2
The second Friday movie is where the series starts to pick up and become the series that we know and love so much. Jason straps on his bag and unleashes his fury!

Halloween Horrors # 04: Friday the 13th Part 3
Are you ready for Jason to stab you in 3D? How about having a 3D joint stuck in your face? Friday the 13th is campy, but fun.

Halloween Horrors # 04: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
One of the most influential horror films ever made. I realize that few movie reviews are going to do it justice, but it’s worth a shot!

Halloween Horros 2008

Posted by JoshSamford On May - 22 - 2014
Halloween Horrors 2008. It was a very interesting October, with some new releases that were demanding to be looked at. Still, despite all of the “new” films of the time, there was still plenty of classic exploitation to dig into as well.

Halloween Horrors # 01: House by the Cemetery
Things kicked off in high gear by covering this well known Lucio Fulci joint.

Halloween Horrors # 02: House of 1,000 Corpses
Rob Zombie was topical in 2008 and the release of his first film was pretty huge within the horror community at the time.

Halloween Horrors # 03: Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS
A re-work of the original Varied Celluloid review for the classic Don Edmonds helmed Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS.

Halloween Horrors # 04: Island of Death
Island of Death should be talked about way more than it actually is. A sleaze-fest through and through, this flick has something to offend just about everyone.

Halloween Horrors # 05: Hell of the Living Dead
Bruno Mattei has directed some schlock within his time, but few films have managed to touch the absolute beauty that can be found in Hell of the Living Dead.

Halloween Horrors # 06: House of Clocks
More Lucio Fulci popped up during the 2008 event, House of Clocks being from his late era and not indicative of his best work. Still, worth a look for his biggest fans.

Halloween Horrors # 07: House on the Edge of the Park
Deodato may be best known for Cannibal Holocaust, but House of the Edge of the Park could be argued to be his best work.

Halloween Horrors # 08: Ilsa, The Wicked Warden
More Ilsa! This time, things get even weirder for the Ilsa series, and probably not in a good way.

Halloween Horrors # 09: Opera
First some Fulci, now some Argento. Opera regularly pops up at the very top of most fan’s list of the director’s best films, and this is for good reason.

Halloween Horrors # 10: The Midnight Meat Train
Ryuhei Kitamura was trying to break into the English speaking market during 2008, and The Midnight Meat Train honestly was not a bad attempt. It gets a bad rap from some, but it’s honestly a decent little flick.

Halloween Horrors # 11: Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
Heavily forgotten straight-to-video horror-comedy, Jack Brooks was so good that it’s a shame fans have left it in the past.

Halloween Horrors # 12: Philosophy of a Knife
Philosophy of a Knife is unbearably hard to sit through, and not for the reasons you would expect from a shocking film such as this one.

Halloween Horrors # 13: Return to Sleepaway Camp
The resurgence of the Sleepaway Camp series was VERY brief and most likely due to the quality of this rather generic sequel.

Halloween Horrors # 14: The Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers
What is there that really needs to be said about a movie titled The Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers? Japanese shock movies were just starting to get their foothold in the market in 2008, and this V-Cinema title was actually making some waves during this period.

Halloween Horrors 2005

Posted by JoshSamford On May - 22 - 2014
This is one of the first Halloween Horrors segments ever done on the site, and unfortunately not much of it still exists! Will be searching through the back catalog to try and piece these together in order to put these up.

Professor gives this little flick a spin, something about optometry, hypnotism, a movie in a movie and that little old lady from The Poltergeist. A winning combo if ever there was one! [review no longer posted]

Blood Beach
Apparently it’s no longer safe IN the water or OUT of it. My best advice, just stay away from beaches altogether, otherwise you’re just horror movie fodder just waiting to get swallowed by something or another. [review no longer posted]

The Evil Dead
My first contribution to the horrors, I decided to go with a string of classics I have put off reviewing since forever. Evil Dead was the first film I thought to review out of all this. Read the review and find out why it’s so special to me. [review no longer posted]

My second review here for the eternal Slasher flick that (kind of) started them all. Myers slices, dices and punctures any young person he can find in this original classic. [review no longer posted]

Now here’s a flick I’ve been kind of obsessing over here lately. Hellraiser. HELLRAISER! Skinless people, hooks, chains, crazyness all around. A film hard not to love. [review no longer posted]

Jackhammer Massacre, The
The Prof. has mixed feelings, but overall he sold me on it. Never really thought about renting it myself, but it looks just interesting enough to warrant a rental. Even if it’s not the most positive review for it, it certainly sounds like something to cure a little boredom. [review no longer posted]

Kiss of the Tarantula
Spiders! Holy crap! I hate ’em, always have, always will. Movies about spiders however, well, they sure ain’t as scary as the real thing. Still, Aglaophotis makes this one sound good enough to check out, even if it does feature those scuttering little mutants. [review no longer posted]

Other Hell, The
One word: Nunsploitation. Okay, another couple of words: Bruno Mattei. Three reasons I’m jealous of Aglaophotis. This one just HAS to be bad, but at the same time, I know it just HAS to be some fun trash. Check out Hell of the Living Dead, Rats or Zombi 3. The guy is a total hack, but gosh if he ain’t an entertaining one. [review no longer posted]

Thing, The
My last contribution (though this is all just in alphabetical order, I distinguish in the reviews which were written in what order I believe) to the festivities and it’s a film that just never gets old. John Carpenter’s The Thing, possibly one of my most valued possessions in the DVD format. I can watch it over and over and never get tired. Bless it, for it is good. [review no longer posted]

Trick or Treat
Oh sweet mercy! Ozzy and Gene Simmons!? What have you given us Aglaophotis! OH WOE IS ME!!! Haven’t seen it, but man, anybody else thinks it’s false advertising to put up recent pictures of the two on the DVD? Anyone care? No? Oh well, Aglaophotis actually manages to make it sound better than I expected it to, but wow… those two in a movie.

Got to love that cover art. Aglaophotis ends our campaign of the gruesome with a little bit of blood and death. A great way to end things I think. [review no longer posted]





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