Hey everybody, we are back once again! This time with another independent film for your reading pleasure! This time we are covering the spacey/gory indie short A Barge and Its Wind which should hold some interest for horror fans out there who are looking for something just a wee bit different. Give the review a read and make sure to post comments if you have any!

The Plot: Quoting almost verbatim from the opening text crawl: In the early winter months of 2011, an unmarked barge docked at the port of Cleveland, Ohio. Penned as a vessel carrying WMD’s linked to terrorism by the govt/media, the ship was in fact federal & contained an experimental gas. The substance was a bio-chemical agent designed using nano-technology made up of electro magnetic particles programmed to sound frequencies. In field missions frequencies are referred to as targets. Still a prototype, the weapon has yet to be tested. The leaked gas serves as an advantage for a surveillance test. Over the course of three days the govt strategically zoned & evacuated the city knowing there would be civilians left behind or wanted felons in hiding from arrest. Civilian lives serve as a convenient field experiment. Our film shows the lives of five survivors as they try to escape this harsh chemical agent that seems to float above their heads, like tiny black clouds, and ultimately kills whoever it swarms upon.