What up everybody! So, I haven’t been as busy as I would LIKE to be, but I’m still getting a whole lot done that’s for sure! Anyway, finished up a couple of reviews and figured I’d post them ASAP since I already had a few older reviews upped as it was. Nice to get a full update ready before actually making a post of it! Hopefully you guys are digging the changes that I’ve made recently, but don’t worry, more to come as soon as I can get my butt to work!


Deep Red – I last saw Deep Red around seven or eight years ago and I was left with a fairly unappealing view of the film – but now several years down the way and I have re-watched the film and I have to say: I was a fool. Deep Red is every bit of the brilliant Argento giallo classic that everyone makes it out to be and I am so glad I waited until this re-watch to write down my thoughts on the film because as it is now I was blown away with the film.

The New Barbarians – It’s Italian. It’s a post-apocalyptic action flick. Hey, it has George Eastman in it AND it was directed by Enzo G. Castellari, if you’re not sold on New Barbarians whatever could my words do? I’m not going to say it’s perfect, far from it, but it was a groovy little action flick with a decent amount of gore for this kind of vehicle. Better than I would have expected for the genre, but still probably not an immortal classic.


Don’t Open Til’ Christmas – The undiscovered sequel to Halloween, retitled from “Christmas” to “Don’t Open Til’ Christmas” in order to appease copyright laws… okay, that was an outright lie. Truthfully, I’ve never seen it but Prof. Aglaophotis seemed to dislike it and I always trust the belief if the ever-fair Mr. Aglaophotis didn’t like it then chances are it can’t be that great. Check out Aggy’s review!

Dracula Has Rise From the Grave – The hits keep on coming in this Prof. Aglaophotis marathon of reviews from the vault, with his take on this classic bit of horror. Aggy seemed to really dig this one so chances are it’s most definitely worth tracking down, once again he beat me to the punch though and I have not seen!

Dracula’s Daughter – The oldest film reviewed here on Varied Celluloid, but you know what, we don’t discriminate! Independent, big budget, old, new, yesterday, the future – it’s all welcome here as long as it fits that certain quality and unique character that all of the films reviewed on the site have. Dracula’s Daughter is yet another Aglaophotis reviewed film and it seems like he really enjoyed it, but if you’re not prepared to watch a film from the 30’s – then keep away, you prejudice so-and-so!

Don’t Look in the Basement – A classic bit of horror reviewed by none other than Prof. Aglaophotis (all old reviews from the man himself this week, what can I say, the guy liked films starting with the letter D) and two things come to mind when I read the title. First, the remake of the film that is currently underway and second thing: I DON’T WANNA GO… DOOOOOOWN TO THE BAAAASEEMENT. Yeah, not the same words, but it’s so close to the song I can’t help but think of The Ramones, sorry!

Driller Killer – Ahh, a Aglaophotis review for a film I have indeed seen! Aggy loves it and so do I, Abel Ferrara’s classic about a down and out New York artist slowly losing his mind while being pushed to the edge – it’s a claustrophobic and exciting look at a strange and bizarre culture as well as the human psyche after it has been battered and bruised… there’s also a lot of punk rock, some bums getting their heads drilled into and a couple of lesbians. Whoohoo!

So that looks like another update people! Hope everyone enjoys the festivities and once again I’ll plead, get on those forums! Can always use some new opinions around this place and those of us who post on there are some open minded fellas!