You know, the first Kung Fu Christmas I did nearly took the life out of me. Going an entire month, posting up likely a dozen reviews all on films within the same genre… it’s not that easy. You start to feel like you’re reviewing the same movie over and over again. The first, and last time, I actually had the A Very Kung Fu Christmas event was probably around 2005 or 2006 and immediately afterward I took a good long break from writing. These days I feel like a more confident and competent writer so I don’t think you’ll be seeing that happen again, but rest assured, this is the most difficult series of writing but in some ways the most rewarding. I love martial arts in cinema and I love turning people onto the really great films within the genre. Heck, I really like warning people about the bad ones! So, when all is said and done and I hopefully reach my goal of doing eight or more films for this December I’ll be able to look at my stack of reviewed films and be happy with the amount of Chop Socky awesomeness. We start things off here with a hang, the immortal Carter Wong in what may be his most popular film! Born Invincible!

The Plot: The Chin Yin San killers are stopped by a martial arts school when they are on the verge of raping a young villager’s daughter. The students get the better of the fight, although they do lose one of their classmates in the midst of, but it’s just the start of the war. When they bring the young woman and her father back to their school, they become a target for the Chin Yin Chiefs. A group of extremely talented Tai Chi masters who kill without so much as thinking twice. These chiefs show up the very next day and threaten to murder the old man on the premises of the school. The lead master feels it is his duty to step up and defend his guests but unfortunately, the skill of the chiefs far outdoes that of the school and the master is killed on the spot. Now outcasts in their own community, the students take to the woods in hiding while training their bodies and minds in order to put an end to the Chin Yin Chiefs!