A Mid-Month’s Update


Sep 13, 2008

Hey everybody, it is I once again. Your rebel leader and totally rad writer of cinematic wrongs… that doesn’t even make sense, but it almost sounds like it could. Okay, no it doesn’t, it just rhymes. Regardless… here we are, and after three short days we have some more content here at VC! A couple of new ones and four older ones as per the usual!

New Reviews

Phenomena – Continuing my travel back through Argento films that I unfortunately had never got around to writing on, I finished up Phenomena a couple of days ago for the first time! I had started then stopped this particular film half a dozen times, for a million different reasons at different times. After fianlly finishing the film, I have to say, I had a lot of fun with Phenomena and it’s as much a classic as it is often made out to be! Check it out!

Thesis – A classic in the horror community that has had a bit of its hype dying down in the past couple of years, since I never see it mentioned anymore – but that’s just where I come in! More hype! In all seriousness, it really is a great movie and one of the best psychological horrors of the nineties. Highly recommended!


Five Deadly Venoms – What can I say? One of THE best Kung Fu films ever made and Chang Cheh’s masterpiece. The film he’ll be remembered for, and that guy made nearly 100 films of varying excellence. If you’re new to oldschool Kung Fu – check this one out pronto!

Five Shaolin Masters – Another Chang Cheh classic, a little more toned down than his usual flair but still a quality flick. Featuring the brilliant Ti Lung and a flick that was a little tricky to track down back in the day, check it out!

Flag of Iron – Another Chang Cheh classic! Tons of fun and some amazing fight choreography. Essentially, any time any number of the original Venom Mob teamed up with Cheh – you were guaranteed a solid and entertaining blast of adrenaline fueled fun. This one is just one of many really great flicks made by this team.

Foxy Brown – If it weren’t for this classic, this would have been a real sausage fest amongst the older reviews uploaded! Foxy Brown is in my top three Blaxploitation films and still my favorite Pam Grier vehicle. Even more than Coffy, that’s right. She’s hot, the flick moves fast and it’s so fun it ought to be illegal. Great stuff!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, and also our hopes and prayers go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Ike. I’ve seen how bad those hurricanes can be and I just hope everyone was as ready as possible. Until next time though everybody, ya’ll have a good one.