For fans of Punk cinema, or cult film in general, the title Repo Man goes a long way. A defiantly punk rock film dealing with the seemingly most mundane of topics, Alex Cox truly delivered something special with his classic Emelio Estevez starring vehicle. Cox has decided to head back to the well, in a way, and has delivered something new and entirely different with Repo Chick. Referred to as a “non sequel”, there’s really no telling what this film has in store for us!


The film will be released to limited theaters in January, including the IFC theater in New York City on the 14th and then at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles on January 21st. Shortly after that the DVD will be released on Febuary he 18th, with bonus content. The synopsis is as follows:


Spoiled rich girl Pixxi De La Chasse has been disinherited by her family due to her numerous arrests for bad driving, her failure to get a job and her overall lack of some semblance of a responsible life. When her car gets repossessed, Pixxi ends up getting hired by repo men Arizona Gray and Aguas, and she soon becomes the best repo chick around with the help of her entourage – punk girl confidante, model-looks bodyguard and flaming stylist. While she’s on the hunt for some antique railroad cars which carry a million-dollar bounty reward (also being sought out by a secret government agency!), a clueless Pixxi ends up on a wacky train ride which is actually a plot by a terrorist organization. If their demands for the criminalization of golf are not met, then the train (whose caboose is carrying long-missing growler bombs from the Soviet Communist era!) is headed straight for downtown Los Angeles. It’s up to Pixxi De La Chasse to save LA!

More information on the DVD as it becomes available!