Although more of a viral video than a news item, this was passed along to me and I shall pass it on to you the reader. Apparently the folks at Team Unicorn, a group of performers who are marketed as hottie girl-geeks with a sense of humor, have created another viral video to send the web into a frenzy after the success of their superhero based e-Harmony spoof superHarmony. The majority of those in a frenzy will of course be the film nerds who like to look at pretty ladies who apparently share similar ideals. The video, titled “Alien Beach Crashers” is a spoof on both 1960’s scifi titles and the “Beach Party” movies that were so prevalent during this era. Along with the general attempts at camp, the crew also employ some modern FX work into the short as well as a few mad dashes of gory mayhem. While certainly oddball, it’s worth checking out. Look out for members of Fall Out Boy, lots of hard-bodies and general quirkiness.