Cannibal Holocaust 2! Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story! Pick your poison for a title, but they’re the same flick. A ‘cannibal‘ movie that continues more along the lines of Jungle Holocaust or The Man From Deep River, since there’s really not much actual cannibal action going on. However, that doesn’t mean its bad or all that tame! A fairly fun little cannibal flick that keeps all the gritty stuff you expect from the genre while also delivering a story! Can’t ask for much more than that!

The Plot: Catherine Miles is a young English girl (who speaks with an American accent) who now finds herself on trial for a double homicide in the amazon. She had come to the Amazon in order to vacation with her mother and father. They rent a large boat in order to make it to another part of the jungle where they will be staying, but they are cut off by a tribe of natives. These natives aren’t the friendly kind who want to share either, these are the kind who kill without thinking. They slaughter Catherine’s parents and poison her with a dart that makes her immobile. She is then carried back to their village and sold at an auction where she then becomes slave to the highest bidder. The young warrior who actually killed Catherine’s parents offers to trade all of his weapons as well as his own freedom in order to own Catherine, but he is denied and another owner is chosen. This other owner tries to force himself on Catherine, who resists but is then beaten into submission. When the young warrior sees this, he challenges her owner to a battle and the two fight to the death. This young warrior wins and finally owns Catherine, but she refuses to give herself to him because of what he did to her parents. What happened to put young Catherine Miles on trial and what will become of her?