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Another Three for the Vault

Posted by Josh Samford On October - 8 - 2007

Hey ya’ll, just adding some more of the older reviews. Going to try and add three or four every day or two when I have the time. All I really have to do is reformat them all, and upload the graphics. Just time consuming is all. Anyway, films added:

9 Souls – My review for this classic piece from Toshiaki Toyoda.

Angel Guts: Red Dizzyness – Another one of mine for the Angel Guts boxset, which I STILL have not finished!

Anatomy – A review from our good buddy Scarface! Dolan said he’ll help contribute to VC in the future as well, can’t wait to hear from him more in the future!

Ya’ll keep cool and be sure to leave comments, love hearing back from everybody – and don’t worry, I’ll have that forum up this week most likely!




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