Yeah, it’s not Christmas. I must have just lost some laziness over the holiday or something. Have been wanting to get this site moving somewhat again. I have also been finding some time to write as well as watch flicks, so everything has just been working out great. Trying to get the forums moving somewhat too, so if you read this make sure to stop by there as well. Looking to build the community back up. Not that it was ever rolling out thousands of topics a day, but right now it’s completely dead and I would like to get that comradery VC once had; if that doesn’t sound completely looney tunes! Anyhow, onto the new update and the latest reviews!


Meatball Machine – With a name like Meatball Machine, you just have to picture something gooey and slightly disturbing; and that’s precisely the type of flick you’re in for too! Somewhat misundestood, somewhat deserving of its reputation – I go out on a limb here and tell you why you should be watching Meatball Machine this very afternoon! WITH GALLERY!

Welcome to the Jungle – No, this isn’t an Axel Rose home bio pic – this is some modern cannibal fun! Shot in a documentary style much like our beloved Cannibal Holocaust, this new take on the genre is actually very fun and inventive while also delivering the goods genre fans might expect. Surprisingly good stuff, read on to find out more!WITH GALLERY!


Beast Cops – An older review of mine, not the most polished work or most detailed but it gets the job done. Best Cops is a great little flick and all should check it out!

A Better Tomorrow – John Woo’s breakout masterpiece, one of the best HK action flicks you will ever see.

A Better Tomorrow II – The even more exciting second film, full of even more blood, more guns and more explosions. Is topped only by Hard Boiled as John Woo’s most action packed flick.

Beyond the Darkness – The most vile, revolting and disturbing film Joe D’Amato ever crafted – and easily my favorite of his work! The director has been somewhat hit or miss for me, but this one hit it out of the ball park and then some.

The Beyond – After D’Amato’s best, we are followed by Lucio Fulci’s best! It’s a day of bests here at Varied Celluloid! It would mean a lot more if this wasn’t written around four years ago, but regardless, The Beyond is a massive achievement in horror cinema and one of the best works of Italian horror on the scene if you ask me.

Bichunmoo – Kind of a short one here, but once again, this was written more than likely for the first couple of updates for Varied Celluloid back in the day. One thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that Bichunmoo still remains kind of “meh” for me.

So, I guess that does it for another update. Hope everyone enjoys the latest and has a good time!