Hey everybody! Sometimes having the content isn’t an issue, but having the time to actually post it is the tricky part! So here we are with a review for a classic piece of “violent pink” from the master Yasuharu Hasebe. A difficult but rewarding film, hopefully everyone digs the review!

Also, I might as well take the time now and remind everyone that next month is October and as always that means Halloween Horrors! Look forward to an all-horror month in October and look forward to some classic films to be reviewed that normally wouldn’t be otherwise!

The Plot: Assault! Jack the Ripper tells the story of a young baker who makes cakes at a small restaurant where the latest waitress is giving the management trouble. She has a severe attitude problem and a great deal of arrogance that puts her at odds with all customers. On a rainy night she asks the baker to give her a ride home and along the way a young hitchhiker invites herself into their car. When the hitchhiker strips nude, rubs herself down with cake and then finds a knife resting in the back seat, these two are reasonably frightened. With the knife, this hitchhiker begins slicing into her own arm and presents herself as a threat. They shove the hitchhiker out of the car and take off as fast as they can, but accidentally end up dragging the young woman who then dies. They drive to an abandoned car lot and hide the body, but when they return back to the waitresses home… they both discover they are turned on by the fear and violence. After this night of passion, the young waitress wants more and she prods the baker into pursuing more victims so that they can continue their torrid love affair. However, the baker soon begins to grow a passion for the violence alone.