So hey everybody, we’re back once again and this time with four new reviews. More to come after that too! So now we’re starting off August right and after such a huge July, I’m hoping to do even better this month! So far so good, as we’re averaging a higher amount of traffic than the site has had since the move to this server. Anyway, I would like to go ahead and make my plea once again that if you like what’s going on with the site and you want to discuss anything, check out the forums. I check it daily and I hope we can all have a good time and get a community going once again. Thanks for reading everybody!


Cannibals – Jesus Franco! The man himself directing his very own Cannibal flick made to cash in on the success of Cannibal Holocaust and such. Not really a great film by any means, but it is memorable and it is an Italian cannibal tale. Lord knows I HAD to see it!

Frankenhooker – The Henenlotter love continues here at Varied Celluloid as I finish off his film collection for the archive and wait eagerly for his latest film to hit DVD. Frankenhooker is probably my favorite film from the man not named Brain Damage! This flick was just too much fun and all around another fantastic entry into an amazing filmography.

Hell Comes to Frogtown – You have giant frogs with guns, hot blondes who get naked every once in a while and you have THE MAN Rowdy Roddy Piper playing a guy named “Sam Hell”. What on earth else could this film have? NOTHING! I demand Roddy Piper make more films!

Kidnapped – Ever heard of that little Italian director who made all of those fancy Euro-horror flicks back in the day? What’s his name… oh yeah, Mario Bava! Truth be told I haven’t experienced a whole lot from this masterful filmmaker but Kidnapped really knocked me on my butt. I absolutely love it for its action, the drama and the character play. A great little Italian crime flick!


The Dead Next Door – Hey man, it’s The Dead Next Door! One fun and slightly goofy trip through the zombie infested lands of America, with a lot of blood and gore along the way. It’s a hard flick not to like!

The Deadly Kick – Featuring the Asian Charles Bronson and the magnificent Lo Lieh, this little martial arts thriller unfortunately never gets off the ground. One of my older reviews, I haven’t seen this one in a long time – but I still remember that classic line “I am the king of the nether region!”. Classic!

Deadly Spawn (Review by Prof. Aglaophotis) – Aglaophotis submitted this reivew a while back for this classic bit of scifi craziness. As always Aglaophotis shows tremendous respect for the film and offers a highly detailed and enthusiastic review for the film. Great stuff.

Deadly Outlaw Rekka – Our good friend Jesse submitted this review long ago for the Takashi Miike classic Deadly Outlaw Rekka AKA: Violent Fire. A classic flick and a very good review from a talented guy.

Thanks again everybody! Hope you’re digging all the new content, and I’m still working on this new Gallery system right this second. The multimedia page is soon to become something else rather than the link to all the galleries (as those are now included in the reviews).