Back Again!


Jul 12, 2008

This is my third update this month, for those keeping up this is probably the most active I have been since… hmm, probably 2006 haha. Anyway, this time I have three new reviews as well as a bunch of the older ones as well! More obscure and dangerous cinema coming your way!


Choke – For those of you not familiar with mixed martial arts, this film might be a good introduction for you to the sport. It shows the sport when it was a bit more violent with far fewer rules, but it also shows that even at this time it was still a SPORT, and that skill is needed to triumph. WITH GALLERY!

Cannibal Terror – Whoa nelly! It has been a while since I’ve been lucky enough to review some good old fashioned B-Cinema, and this was just the flick to jumpstart my interest. Mind numbingly bad, and face meltingly goofy – just another day in Italian cannibal cinema I suppose. Most noted for being a video nasty, this one does have some nasty grue but seems like it was shot in someone’s backyard. Usually that’s not a “bad” thing, but in this case, it is. WITH GALLERY!

Sukiyaki Western Django -Yay! Takashi Miike! It has been a while since my last Miike film review. I suppose Izo was the last one I wrote, but luckily I enjoyed this one many times more than that flick. Some are going to be turned off by the English-only speaking Japanese cast, but I personally found it enduring. WITH GALLERY!


Big Brother Cheng – Older classic Shaw Brothers film, showing that they could do more than just Kung Fu (although what more could you need?), but this was a sequel to their superior film The Teahouse and I thought it was decent but certainly not great.

Bird People in China – A classic bit of Miike drama, one of his strongest films and at the time showed me just how versatile he truly is. Western Django above is certainly a testament to that fact!

The Bird With the Crystal Plumage – A classic bit of Dario Argento related goodness. One of his most underrated films in my opinion and a simply stunning giallo. I rate it in my top five films of his and should be seen by a wider audience.

The Big Gundown – This was originally written for the Taste of Sghetti Italian western marathon run of reviews here at Varied Celluloid. I reviewed several Spaghetti Westerns one after another and posted them all in one update. I hope I can get back to doing this, and hopefully bring back the Halloween Horrors this october. Something for the kids, you know!

So anyway, hopefully everyone is doing well and do me a favor – START POSTING IN THE FORUMS! Getting lonely in there people! Haha! For the next update, I have the German cannibal film called… well, Cannibal! Might have some Brucesploitation as well or maybe even some Italian crime! Not too sure!

Josh Samford