Bad Biology Review


Mar 19, 2009

Back everybody! And I bring Henenlotter! That is, a review for his latest film. Everyone’s favorite director of urban plight… with monsters. Frank Henenlotter is one of those director’s with such a unique and different vision that his work shines through on even the tiniest budgets. His latest, in my opinion, is no different. We catch Frank expounding on some of the central issues found in some of his other films but while also taking on our modern overstimulated society. Frank’s back people!

The Plot: Bad Biology tells the story of a young woman born with seven clits. That’s right, she has seven clits, making her the world’s most easily stimulated woman. Able to get off from an early age without even trying, she has been stuck with this deformity and has felt a great deal of shame for her extraordinary circumstances. However, after losing her virginity she becomes a sexual creature that lives almost exclusively to feed the needs of her vagina. She shacks up with men on a nightly basis and has unprotected sex, which sometimes culminates in the homicide of her lover. She simply can’t help it as she finds herself writhing in sexual ecstasy. Immediately after intercourse however, she begins going through the process of pregnancy and within two hours goes into full labor – birthing out a blood covered freak-baby. Her life has become a bit repetitive as of late as she desperately feeds her need for love, but things change when she (while doing her job as a photographer) is shooting on location at a local mansion with a few hip hop artists. She meets with the owner of the house who at first seems like your average geek – but harbors a dark secret: his penis, quite literally, has a mind of its own. When a girl with seven clits finds a gentleman with a two foot penis with it’s own brain – what else is she to do? It’s love, but will these two be able to share their deformitys with one another in time?

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