Beetlejuice Review


Feb 15, 2009

Now this one might surprise some fulltime readers. A fairly mainstream Tim Burton production? For shame! Nah, I think most of you out there have seen and likely love the film just as much as I do. After rewatching it for the millionth time recently I decided to show my affection. Hope everyone digs the review!

The Review: When first formulating the basic premise that would become “Varied Celluloid”, the idea was to basically cover as many genres as I could but keep within the confines of cult cinema. I never thought I would someday be writing about a film as mainstream as Beetlejuice is, but time has a way of opening doors. Last night, while searching through my DVD collection for something to watch with my cousin (who is as close as a brother with me), we decided to check out one of our immortal favorites. A film we’ve been watching since childhood, one of the few films we are consistently quoting in our daily dialogue (along with Pulp Fiction and Happy Gilmore). The film we’re talking about today, the always classic: Beetlejuice. A film that helped cement Tim Burton’s genius in the minds of film fans. Since those days Burton has had a few misses along with quite a few hits, but in my opinion no other film perfectly encapsulated his beautiful and mythic take on the dark underworld that lies just beneath the surface. Edward Scissorhands may have shown his visionary brilliance by going above and beyond the ordinary within suburbia, but it was his take on the afterlife that sold me.

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