That’s right, I go from a massive month long series of reviews for horror titles and now I’m jumping right into a Japanese cinema blog-a-thon! You’ve gotta be kidding me! Nah, it’s all good. When I heard about the Wildgrounds J-Film blogathon, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Today I posted my first entry over at VCinema, which covers Teruo Ishii’s Blind Woman’s Curse and can be read right here. At the same time I was editing this review for Yasuharu Hasebe’s classic Black Tight Killers. Hopefully you guys dig the review and make sure to read more excellent write-ups via the Wildgrounds page! They are a fantastic resource for Asian cinema fans and we fully support what they are doing!

The Plot: Hondo (Akira Kobayashi) is photographer covering the Vietnam war. While on leave and heading home he meets a lovely young stewardess named Yoriko on the plane. The two hit it off well enough and Hondo manages to talk her into a date at a local restaurant later that night. They soon notice a man standing in the background watching them. As Hondo approaches the mysterious stranger, Yoriko turns up missing. When Hondo heads outside to find Yoriko, he finds the mysterious man and heads to confront him but instead witnesses him being murdered by a group of three women wearing black tight leather. With Lopez dead, Hondo attempts to fight with the women only to be thwarted with their Ninja Chewing Gum Bullet (I’ll get to this shortly). Hondo is at first taken in by the police for suspicion of murder, but is released after a friend speaks up for him. Hondo now has to find out just why Yoriko was kidnapped, who has her and who are these black tight killers?

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