Blood the Last Vampire Live ActionAhh, Blood: The Last Vampire, one of the first anime flicks I discovered on my own. Having grown up watching Vampire Hunter D, Ninja Scroll and Akira – I somehow stumbled across Blood and fell in love with it just like every horror/anime geek who ever sat down to it’s short run time. The story is a simple one, about a girl who is half vampire/half mortal but who has dedicated her life to hunting down any evil creatures of the night. The live action movie hasn’t really set me on fire as something I’ll just die if I don’t see immediately, but I’m sure it’ll be an entertaining action-horror romp. I just hope it delivers. Since I’ve kind of ignored the followings of the film up until now, might as well make a post about the US trailer which Twitch posted today. Have a look for yourself and see what you think!

Thanks to for bringing the trailer to my attention!