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Blue Velvet Review

Posted by On March - 19 - 2010
Welcome back! I’ve actually been working a little bit here lately, so it’s been trickier to sit down and do web editing but hey – work is a good thing my friends! I’ve learned that much with all of my free time! Anyway, I did some writing on a film here that I’ve been meaning to get to for a long time. My first time tackling it was back in 2002 and was… well, it left a lot to be desired. So I decided that at this point, I might as well try and put what little talent I have towards getting this out there and now here we are with a review for David Lynch’s Blue Velvet! Hope you enjoy!

The Plot: Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle Maclachlan) is a fresh faced young man back in his home town of Lumberton after his father falls ill and is spending some time in the hospital. While strolling, on one of his regular visits to his father, he stumbles upon a severed human ear just sitting in the forest. He takes the severed appendage to the local police and they assure him that they will get right on top of the situation. When Jeffrey decides to follow up on the ear, by visiting the Sheriff in his own home, he meets his lovely daughter Sandy (Laura Dern) who clues Jeffrey into the gossip about local singer Dorothy Vallens (Issabella Rossellini) who appears to be mixed up in some rather dark situations. Jeffrey eventually sneaks into Dorothy’s apartment and discovers her situation is more sinister than anyone could have envisioned. She has a husband and a son who are both being held hostage by the psychotic gangster Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) who uses her for sexual purposes. As Jeffrey slowly delves further into this world of dark forces, he slowly loses his grip on the sunny and peaceful Lumberton that he grew up with.





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