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‘Capone’ review!

Posted by On March - 21 - 2011
And now, with the Korean cinema blogathon finally over, we here at Varied Celluloid can start to settle down! Well, if by “settle down”, you mean post more film reviews and news items – then yes! Today we have a review for the previously mentioned Capone, from the good people at Shout! Factory who will be releasing the film on the 29th of this month! If you’re a crime film fan, this one may just prove to be worth your while!

The Plot: Al Capone (Ben Gazzara) begins our film as a petty hoodlum who manages to finally catch the eye of mob boss Frankie Yale (John Cassavetes) and his right hand man Johnny Torrio (Harry Guardino), and begins to sneak his way into the organization. When he is given the opportunity to wipe out the boss by Johnny Torrio, Capone finally steps into the role of a kingpin and begins to muscle his way into the Chicago underworld. His biggest enemy however is Hymie Weiss, and the two gangs begin to clash almost immediately. Capone begins to see Johnny Torrio as being weak when the boss doesn’t want to run head first into a gang war with Weiss, and thus Capone has his right hand man Frank Nitti (Sylvester Stallone) slip Weiss’ gang information on Torrio’s location and the boss is nearly killed. Torrio at this point decides to leave the gang and the blood thirsty Capone takes over the operation. Will anyone cool this savage or will his own love affair with violence bring his downfall?




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