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Weird Cinema Episode 3: The Wild World of Pinky Violence

Posted by JoshSamford On June - 11 - 2020

For those who have kept up with this site throughout the years, it is no secret that I’ve been a fan of the pinky violence genre. These are very special films, but unfortunately in the West there is not a great deal of information out there. With a couple of years worth of studying, researching, and fact-checking with my good friend Mikko, one of the most knowledgeable guys I’ve ever met in regards to Japanese film, I finally finished the next episode of my Weird Cinema documentary series. The Wild World of Pinky Violence details the rise of pinku eiga all the way to the demise of Toei’s pinky violence genre. The video runs a little long, 61 minutes, but if you have the time we certainly appreciate you taking the time to check out this labor of love.

Weird Cinema Episode 2

Posted by JoshSamford On January - 27 - 2017

This sudden update to the website must come as a shock to those of you who have kept up with Varied Celluloid over the years. Indeed, it has been two years since the website has been updated. Quite the period of inactivity. For those who know me personally, you know that during that time I finished with my first degree, began a new career, got engaged, and have had life change drastically. However, I’ve continued to pay the bill for Varied Celluloid, and never once thought about deactivating it despite not knowing when I would be free to write for it again. Varied Celluloid is a project that I began in my teenage years. The habit of writing, due to this website, has helped me so much in my personal life. However, it seems that film blogs and writing… well, it’s becoming more and more a lost art. While I do not intend to ever give it up, I would like to discuss film in as many different avenues as I can. Weird Cinema is something I dream about doing more and more often. However, the amount of time that I commit to each project is insane.

When it comes to writing, I like to get out a quick and easy opinion on a single film. While I do try and include a bit of investigative journalism when writing about films, for instance many of my last old-school kung fu film reviews have seen me discussing the actual history surrounding the onscreen situations, when it comes to releasing a video via YouTube – I feel there’s much more that needs to go into such projects. I like to include a bit of humor when possible, but I realize that my voice is a bit monotone, so what can be done to spruce things up? The content. For these videos, I like to ensure that the content is concise, clear, and features information that has to be gathered via hours of dedicated reading and research. I would also like for each project to have some “pizazz” to it. I want the project to look as close to a moderately funded documentary as I can possibly make it, without, of course, any kind of funding and without any sort of crew or help. Everything you see in these videos has been done by me, and I’m sure that is obvious due to its quality. In this particular episode, unfortunately I did not have a windscreen over my new microphone and I had no idea how much that would factor into the sound quality. I intend to rectify this with the next episode, whatever that may be.

For what purpose is all of this? Is it in the hopes to make money? No. It is in the hopes of becoming internet famous? No. I simply want to share these movies with other people. I would love it if these videos were shared with others and managed to reach new audiences with film fans around the world. However, if that is not in the cards, then at least my passion and creativity can be seen by the very few who stumble upon these.

So, with all of that out of the way, I hope some manage to enjoy this second episode. It covers Frederic Hobbs, director of Godmonster of Indian Flats, a movie that in the past I have referred to as “one of the worst movies of all time.” A title that, these days, I do not feel it deserves, but a title that I can’t blame people for bestowing upon it. It is a very strange piece of film from a very strange filmmaker, and hopefully this video can help answer some questions about it. If you’d like, you can also check out my review for it that I wrote nearly ten years ago, but I must say, it’s not nearly as informative as the video!

Weird Cinema Episode 1

Posted by JoshSamford On August - 17 - 2014

For those who frequent the site regularly, you may have noticed the slowdown in posts during the Summer. While the initial goal was to take the Summer to write many more reviews, due to my being out from school and having a bit of free time, but instead I ended up working on a different side project. That side project is Weird Cinema. This is a new webshow based around niche films and film markets. The idea is to take a lot of time for each episode in order to make it as thorough an well-crafted as is possible for a one-man team. That doesn’t mean Varied Celluloid is completely on the side, it just means that thins are progressing and things are expanding. There are more reviews written right now and are sure to be posted soon. However, for the time being, take a quick look at this first project in order to get a feel for what Weird Cinema is going to bring to the table.

This episode covers IFD Films and Arts along with Godfrey Ho and all of the “big” cast members who helped bring to life many of the crazy ninja movies that have been reviewed here on the site within recent months. Hope you enjoy it and I hope many can learn something about these crazy movies.

HEIR – A Practical FX Horror Film Kickstarter

Posted by JoshSamford On February - 24 - 2014
7f5f4b4f3e78d4118824bd20a00601be_largeRichard Powell and the folks over at Fatal Pictures may not be household names, but for those who have seen their body of work, it’s hard not to be impressed. Their short films Consumption (2008), Worm (2011), and Familiar (2012) are among some of the best independent short films that I have personally come across. Familiar showed this talented group moving into the world of body horror and adult ideas, but it sounds as if their next feature, HEIR, will be even more ambitious! And you too can be a part of it!

Fatal Pictures are in the last two weeks of their Kickstarter for HEIR and things are looking good, but now is your opportunity to be a part of it. The film, which looks to pair Fatal Pictures once again with Robert Nolan (one of the strongest leading men in the indie film world), is looking for a budget of $17,000 and they are getting close to reaching that number. For just $20, you can help get this project funded and also score a copy of the movie on DVD for yourself! The plot synopsis for the movie is as follows:

After connecting with a stranger of similar interests online, Gordon and his young son Paul, embark on an ill-fated road trip in which Gordon aims to indulge a secret passion. Before the day ends, a horrible truth will be uncovered and a harsh lesson will be learned. HEIR is a monster movie unlike any other, it is a bleak and fantastical examination of one of societies darkest taboos that aims to stimulate the mind and wrench the gut with equal power.

Give the Kickstarter a look and hopefully throw them a few bucks. While you’re doing that, you can check out their previous short film Familiar for free! I am sure you will be impressed. I will end this with some of my favorite artwork posted on the Kickstarter page. This is looking excellent.

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Familiar makes it to Fantasia Film Festival

Posted by On June - 27 - 2012

For those of you who keep up with the website, you may remember our review for the little indie gem known as Familiar. A genre-bending piece of work, it shows young director Richard Powell firing on all cylinders. It isn’t surprising to see the short picking up steam, but it is always nice to see good work being appreciated. It appears that Familiar will be playing at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival based out of Montreal. The festival is set to take place between July 19th and August 7th. For those unaware, Fantasia Fest is a pretty big deal. Well known for the big name foreign films that it attracts, it is certainly one of the most noteworthy genre-based film festivals in North America. There have been many world and international premieres have taken place at Fantasia Fest, including Shaun of the Dead, Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress, Midnight Meat Train, and Uzumaki. This is a big opportunity for this small indie production, and we wish nothing but the best for these filmmakers!





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