Today we have something slightly different! Hey, there’s a reason this site is called “VARIED” Celluloid, ya know? Anyway, how does some arthouse war cinema sound? Not into that? How about an extremely disturbing piece of arthouse war cinema? Yeah, I thought that would catch your attention. So, come and see what the big deal is about Come and See!

The Plot: Come and See tells the story of a young boy named Florya (Aleksei Kravchenko) who in 1943 is drafted into the military of Belarus in order to fight in the second World War. The young boy pines for warfare and hopes to become a great hero, but when he arrives at the forest base-of-operations he is left behind by the commander Kosach in order to look after the camp. He soon finds Glasha, a beautiful young girl who is in love with Kosach, and the two share their grief about being left alone and are soon enough spending a great deal of time together. What seems to be the start of a romance is quickly distinguished when German paratroopers and heavy artillery starts crashing down around them. Florya is deafened by the artillery rounds crashing around him, but the two children are able to escape and quickly run back to Florya’s village. Once they arrive they find that the war has spread throughout their small country and the stench of death now dominates everything.