If you have kept an eye on Varied Celluloid, you may have noticed a decent amount of coverage for the work of Roger Corman. There are few filmmakers that have had the impact that this director/producer has had, and his contributions to low-budget filmmaking can not be denied. He provided the blueprint for making genre cinema without funding, and without his work American cinema would surely look quite different. Well, it appears that the man himself is about to be at the center of attention in the new documentary Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel. For anyone who is interested in independent cinema, or general grindhouse exploitation, I highly recommend you check out the following trailer. I watched it and nearly jumped out of my seat! This is an exciting production for Corman fans, because it seems as if the documentary will bring to life the most exciting and fun aspects of this man’s legacy. Take a look and leave your comments!