Hey guys, back with a review if you can believe it! I know, I’m slacking. I really do have a couple of reviews sitting around here but unfortunately keep getting stuck between two or three different computers. Meaning, I have the screencaps on one, the written part of the reviews on another and such. Kind of a bummer, but don’t worry, it’ll just take me a bit to make my new situation work for me. For the time being, enjoy this review for an absolutely awful film! Who’d have thunk the Crazy Fat Ethel series would ever have taken off in any manner? I guess it just goes to show when you create anything too terribly bizarre people will be attracted. Read up an be entertained with Crazy Fat Ethel/Criminally Insane 2!

The Plot: Ethel is back and ready to attack! This time, several years after her killing spree in the original Criminally Insane, the hospital she is staying at has had to severely limit itself due to budgetary concerns and has sent along many of their patients to live in a halfway house. Things seem to be going swimmingly when Ethel arrives, no killing at the start and the promise of three square meals a day for Ethel sounds like a decent start. However, once the first soup is served – Ethel has had enough. The straw that breaks the camel’s back however is the attendant in charge to look over the house when the owner (Mrs. Batholomew) is away starts teasing Ethel and eating candy bars in front of her. Ethel just isn’t the person to be teasing with candy, let me tell you. Now, will this situation break down into another case of wholesale slaughter or will Ethel somehow come out of her killer rage? Meh, don’t count on it.