Hey everybody, today we post the long-overdue review for Damnation Alley which has unfortunately been delayed for far too long. There were a lot of personal things preventing myself from posting it up, but it has now made it to Varied Celluloid and the world may rejoice! Enjoy!

The Plot: Maj. Eugene Denton (George Peppard) and Tanner (Jan-Michael Vincent) are both launch control operators at a missile silo. On the day that Maj. Denton informs Tanner that he no longer feels the two should be working together (due to their differing personalities), they have the biggest call of their lives. With several enemy missiles currently flying towards several major US cities, they are tasked with firing the deferring missiles that should put these enemy warheads down. Unfortunately this only stops 40% of the missiles, and much of the planet is left completely destroyed in the aftermath. Now Denton, Tanner and the group who survived within the missile silo all have to contend with giant radioactive scorpions, deadly cockroaches and a world that was knocked off of its axis and is now plagued with tremendous flooding and various natural disasters. The group, knowing that their days are numbered if they continue to stay in one place for too long, decides to head out on a whim towards Albany where it is said that there are other living humans. Will they make this immense trek, or will the dead zone known as Damnation Alley take them?

Also, in order to celebrate their release of Damnation Alley Shout Factory is offering a 8×10″ lithograph when purchasing the DVD directly through shoutfactory.com.

And now, for some more Damnation Alley greatness, here are some clips released from Shout Factory! Read on past the break for the rest of the clips.