Why do we have to be all business right here! Well, probably because this is generally the spot reserved for updates – but regardless; just want to say I saw The Dark Knight over the weekend and had my mind blew out the back of my skull just like everybody else. That’s right, I do watch films with a date later than 1983!… just only on occasion. Anyway, let’s get right down to it!


Dragon Lives Again – What if I told you there was a film that had Popeye, Clint Eastwood, Zatoichi, One Armed Swordsman, Cane from Kung Fu, Emanuelle, the priest from The Excorcist, Dracula and Bruce Lee all doing combat… well, don’t just guess what you WOULD do, read the review and learn about maybe the weirdest movie I have ever seen. With Gallery!

Fight For Your Life – The grandaddy of all “racist whiteboys running rampant in some peoples house” movies! Definitely not a feel good motion picture, but something to see because of how harrowing it tends to be. Definitely an experience unlike anything else out there. With Gallery

Touch of Death – It is definitely one of the standouts from Fulci in his post-New York Ripper career but unfortunately it’s almost like Fulci-lite; but with a ton of gore. A good bit of gory violence and definitely a fun flick but nowhere near up to the fine standards Fulci has set in the past. Although, if you’re a fan looking to head into those final flicks from the godfather, this one is probably one of the better ones. With Gallery!


City of the Living Dead – An older review covering what is either considered a classic from Fulci or reviled as garbage. I find my review somewhat harsh, as the film has grown on me but at the least it will teach you not to walk in with too high of hopes.

City on Fire (Reviewed by Bullet) – Bullet, who has went by many aliases on these here internets, contributed this fine review for the Ringo Lam classic quite a while back. Definitely one of the best Hong Kong crime films you can think to find without a doubt.

Color Me Blood Red – HG Lewis has made some groundbreaking films in his time, and some of them aren’t half bad – you just have to get over how cheesy they are and how terrible the acting was. If you can ignore all of that, you can have a decent amount of fun with them. Color Me Blood Red is no exception. Plenty of blood, over the top performances and groundbreaking special effects.

Companeros – Originally written for my Taste of Sghetti spaghetti western marathon run of reviews, Companeros turned out to be one of my favorites of the little run. Going to have to do that again someday soon, want to hype it up though and make it something special this time around. Imagine a week with seven Spag Westerns reviewed, all with galleries? Heck yeah!

Contamination (Reviewed by Prof. Aglaophotis) – A review from Aglaophotis, a heck of a writer and a really great guy. He classed this place up a great deal when he would send me reviews, I guarantee no other site out there has reviews as respectful and detailed for the various films that Aggy wrote up about. Definitely a great guy and here is another of his great reviews for this Italian shocker.

Criminally Insane – About as wild and obscure a film as you’re going to find, about a big woman who just wants to eat and unfortunately has to kill anyone who dares try to stop her from enjoying her meals. I kid you not. Do check it out!

Crippled Avengers – One of Chang Cheh’s best, one of the Venoms Mobs’ best and one of the best old school kung fu flicks PERIOD. Absolutely a classic and still remains as exciting and fun as it did when I originally wrote the review for it back around 2005/2006.

Crippled Masters – If you ever watched 100% Weird on TNT after Joe Bob Briggs’ Monstervision back in the day – then you probably caught this one. Featuring a armless man and a legless man teaming up to create the ultimate Kung Fu artist! Crazy stuff here, but also a ton of fun!

Crying Freeman – Never seen the Japanese version of this in any sort of fashion, but for what it is, I did enjoy Crying Freeman. John Woo styled action, a cool story and a beautifully shot film makes it one worth at least renting. Very little talk about it going around these days but its definitely a very neat little flick.

Cujo (Reviewed by Scarface) – My good friend Dolan offered up his take on the classic film Cujo back on the old site. Dolan is a great guy and is actually revered as a superstar in his homeland of Malta… well, I don’t know if that’s true or not but he should be at least. A great guy with some interesting opinions on cinema. Hey, he reads Varied Celluloid – you know he has great tastes!

So anyway, that’s going to do it for old Josh this week. Hopefully the reviews are enjoyed and once again, if you’re reading this and not on those forums – GET ON THERE! I will greet you with waiting arms, and will even provide a free prostitute with every forum registration! Okay, that’s a total lie – but I’ll tell you nice things about yourself!

– Joshua Samford