More German Splatter coming right up! I had put Das Komabrutale off far too long before finally sitting down with it, and I regret that. It may not be the smartest or best looking flick of all time, but it packs that whallop of “gore for the sake of gore” that only those wiley German kids have been able to dish out. Heiko Fipper’s masterpiece may not be great ‘cinema’, but it’s pretty darn entertaining – even if technically bad.

The Plot: In the great land of Germany, a feud of biblical proportions arises between two families. A drunk driver named John Eisentempler accidentally kills the father of the Bandera household, and from there his son seeks revenge alongside the Eightlets Mafia, a ruthless group who will torture you for years before finally killing you. He seeks to destroy the Eisentempler family and will do everything in his power to see their blood shed. The Eightlets offer young Bandera the opportunity for revenge against the entire Eisentempler family, all but one. The youngest son who is studying in the states. However, once the entire family is dead – they’ll lay in wait for him to return so they can destroy him as well. The two offspring will now commence with their fighting for the next ninety minutes of your life, using all sorts of weapons upon one another and commit an increasingly horrible amount of atrocity’s all for our viewing pleasure!