Dead Snow Review


Apr 9, 2009

Hey everybody, the European horror just keeps rolling out here at VC. Dead Snow is one that’s currently picking up a fanbase and is actually one of the better flicks from the European scene, although still not a classic. I also have reviews for Martyrs and Great White coming. I’ll probably throw up Great White next, since I don’t want to give the impression that I’m only covering the latest Euro horror these days. Will be nice to throw up some classic Italian trash won’t it? Check out the review for Dead Snow, you’ll be hearing a lot more about it pretty soon.

The Plot: A group of fun loving students find their way to a remote cabin in the woods, atop a snowy mountain. Everyone is there to have fun and are on their way to doing just that, when a mysterious older man (with a serious attitude problem) shows up and warns them of the previous occupants of this snowy mountainside. During the nazi occupation of World War II, the regime used these mountains as their headquarters where they stashed all of the gold and valuables stolen from the homes of the city-folk. The kids just blow it off and go back to their partying ways, but when they find a box full of treasures under the floorboards of this cabin – they begin to think otherwise. Their plan is to sellf the gold and pay off their student loans, but what they don’t realize is that the previous occupants – they’re still around, and they want their gold. A zombie holocaust (PUN!) soon ensues, with these college students having to fight to save their lives.

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