It has been too long since we’ve had some more Pinky Violence here on Varied Celluloid! With that said, we’re back with more from the Delinquent Girl Boss series! Read on to find a detailed review of the introductory film in this inspired girl-gang series!

The Plot: Rika (Reiko Oshida) is a juvenile delinquent recently released from the reformatory. She at first finds work at a cleaning business, but soon enough the bossman ends up putting the moves on this young woman and her jealous wife demands Rika leave. So the young woman packs up her things and heads out on the streets of Shinjuku where she runs into a local pimp, who is really more a geek than anything, as well an all-girl gang who she quickly has to trounce. The bottle nose geek just so happens to work as the manager for a local bar, and he takes Rika in where she meets up with a set of familiar faces. The owner of the club is a sweet older woman who at one time was a juvenile delinquent herself, so she has become a matriarch figure for many of the girls from Rika’s old juvenile home. The yakuza however aren’t so interested in these good deeds and are instead interested in the land that the hostess-club happens to sit upon. These goons are currently trying to muscle in on the owner of this bar as they want to bulldoze the property. Since the owner inherited this particular building, it means a lot more to her than just a pocketful of money. This doesn’t go well with the Yakuza and soon enough the girls are forced into a conflict with these criminals.