We’re back! Expect one more review tomorrow, as long as things don’t explode on me! Today we have another pinky violence review! This time it is for Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless to Confess, I hope you guys dig it!

The Plot: Our film opens in a girls reformatory that more aptly resembles a prison, and it is here that we meet Midori (Yumiko Katayama) and Rika (Reiko Oshida). Midori is a rough and tumble girl with family issues, but Rika is a helpful, almost naive, delinquent herself. Middori’s father, who loves her but disaproves of her yakuza boyfriend, comes to the gate and hands a family necklace to Rika so that she can pass it along to his daughter. Midori doesn’t want the trinket however and acts offended when Rika tries to give it to her. After both girls are released from school/prison, Rika heads off to live with Midori’s father, Muraki, who owns a mechanics shop. His situation is rather dire though, as Midori has been living a very selfish life with her boyfriend and they have racked up huge debts with some local yakuza thugs that Muraki now has to pay. Knowing that Rika has nowhere else to stay, Muraki allows her to live on site and work. Rika tries to patch things up between Midori and her father, but Midori is still as stubborn as ever. She soon meets up with her old friends from the reform school, including Mari who is pregnant and out of work because her husband’s illness has caused her to have troubles with her former employers and the debts she could not pay off. With Rika’s help, these girls will have to form together in order to solve all of their problems!