Delirium Review


Sep 3, 2009

Hey people, back once again. Now that I’ve got my own laptop, it’s a lot easier for me to get some writing time done in the evenings. Anyway, after a couple of recommendations for this one I had to check it out. Delirium AKA: Le Foto Di Gioia. It’s a pretty fun little giallo, with some rather weird stuff going on in it. Including a naked woman featuring a giant bee-head. I’m serious. Definitely check this one out.

The Plot: Gloria (Serena Grandi) is an ex-porn actress/model who found the love of her life in a very wealthy man. The two were married and despite no protest from her husband she decided to retire from the modeling business and focus on her own magazine called Pussycat. Unfortunate for Gloria, her amazing husband soon passed away in a car accident, leaving her to look after the business by herself. After having a softcore interracial threeway lesbian sex photoshoot one evening, the lead actress is killed right in front of Gloria’s own pool. The only witness to the crime is Gloria’s nosy teenage neighbor Mark (Karl Zinny), who has a nasty habit of calling up Gloria and trying to have phone sex with her. When he calls and tells her of the crime, she just assumes it is another one of his teasings, especially after the body vanishes from the back yard. However, things get serious when a photo arrives at Gloria’s home the next day – it is that of the dead model posed in front of a poster made from Gloria’s final nude photoshoot which has never been released. As the bodies of those close to Gloria continue to pile up, will she be able to figure out the identity of the killer and put an end to this wholesale slaughter?