I almost forgot I had this one sitting around! How embarrassing! I went back and found two reviews already finished and waiting for me to post, but I had been sitting on them so long they had slipped my memory! I guess my mind is so focused on our upcoming A Very Kung Fu Christmas that I let it slip my mind! Well, here you go, the first of three reviews to be posted before the end of the month! My foray into the work of Lamberto Bava continues with Dinner With a Vampire!

The Plot: When a local talent agency puts on an audition, several young people show up in order to grab a piece of the pie. Apparently the audition is for any and all entertainers, as we see an actress, a dancer, a singer and a comedian all show up to perform in order to gain access to a role in the famed Jurek’s (George Hilton) next feature film. Jurek is a rather creepy gentleman who has his own castle out in the far hills of Italy, where the four lucky winners (three young women and a young man) are invited to come stay. When they arrive, it turns out this might be a bit more than they expected. First they are shown a gruesome vampire film, and when Jurek finally arrives he seems more creepy than suave. As it turns out, Jurek is an immortal creature of the night! A vampire! Tired of his immortality, Jurek wants to die and he asks for this group of young people to attempt to kill him at some point during the night. Will they succeed or will they simply turn into another platter on Jurek’s dining table?