It has been a while since we have had any blaxploitation on Varied Celluloid! The last review I remember writing was for Mean Johnny Barrows and that was at least a year or so ago. I am sure I have written something since then, but regardless, I really need to get on the ball! Maybe after we’re done with the Kung Fu Christmas festivities I can dedicate some time to this other favorite genre of mine! For now, enjoy this Rudy Ray Moore masterpiece known as Disco Godfather!

While you’re at it, take a look at the new format for the review-galleries and tell me if you are feeling it! I may go with the regular gallery if people don’t enjoy the load-time for this new format.

The Plot: In the height of the disco age, our story focuses on a man named Tucker Williams who is best known by his alias, “The Disco Godfather” (played by Rudy Ray Moore). When the Godfather’s nephew, young Buckie, has his basketball scholarship dreams dashed by a friend who gives him a hot dose of the brand new drug called PCP… the Disco Godfather swears vengeance! The Disco Godfather, who is an ex-police officer, has all of the connections to convincingly hunt down the drug dealers who have poisoned his community with this new plague. He visits the local hospital, which is packed full to the brim with young kids who are suffering PCP induced comas, and he sets his mind to bigger things. He helps establish programs in order to “attack the whack” and put an end to this nightmare of drug horrors. However, as the Disco Godfather digs deeper and deeper into this assorted mess, he begins to discover that these drug cartels go up further than anyone could have ever imagined!