Hey everybody! We’re gearing up for Halloween Horrors, but that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned all of the other great genres that we usually cover on here! Here we have a spectacularly bad piece of Spaghetti Western history for you to chew on and look forward to a grand Jawsploitation title as well as some more CAT III madness in the next couple of days!

The Plot: Burt Kelly (Gordon Mitchell) is a maniac outlaw with no firm grasp on reality. While looking to cross the border and escape the law, he decides to kidnap a rich landowners daughter in attempt to keep her as a bargaining chip. This escalates the already high bounty on Kelly’s head and this draws the bounty killer Django into the equation as he now has Kelly in his sites. Sartana, who is acting as a vigilante, already has Kelly on his hitlist and Burt already knows this. So he tries to eliminate Sartana unsuccessfully but this ultimately draws both Django and Sartana to the same side of the coin as both men set out to put an end to the psychotic reign of Black Burt Kelly once and for all!