Well, it’s the end of the month – and I figured I had better get one last update. July has been the most active month this site has seen since the server switch and this might be the most I have ever written in a month since 2003. In fact, since the move, this month has garnered me the most in terms of visitors since my first month on the server. That month I had 25,000 hits, this month we had roughly 50,000 – so it doubled. I’m going to keep trying my best to be as active as possible everybody. It has finally seemed easy again. I like to think this new layout, the use of wordpress and now my ever new Gallery system is to thank. Now, for those of you used to the previous gallery system there is going to be a switch. No longer will there be a secondary page in the multimedia section, I found an easier plugin for my wordpress blogging program here that allows me to incorporate images into the reviews themselves. This should be easier for both you and I, because for me I no longer have to code up a whole page of HTML just to get the gallerys going – and now all you have to do is select a thumbnail (that looks almost just like my old “small graphics” in the reviews) and the larger version of the image will pop up for you to oggle/download/whatever. That’s a pretty big deal, and I am very happy with it. Hopefully you all will be too!

New Reviews

Black Shampoo – Greydon Clark, master of exploitation, delivered us this memorable piece of Blaxploitation and although many out there will tell you otherwise – I think it’s one of the best of the subgenre! No, I’m not kidding. The flick is so much fun, it’s hard to imagine a world without it! Check out the review and tell me you’re not feelin’ it.

Basket Case II – The second part in what turned out to be one of my favorite horror series as it went along. Lord, I remember flaming some girl on a horror messageboard about eight years ago for calling the series the best horror series ever made. Although I still don’t agree with the statement, and at the time I actually thought I had seen the series (turns out, me = wrong) but I guess being young and being dumb truly do go hand in hand! If that girl from the IGN boards ever reads this, I apologize and realize the genius of the Basket Case series… my bad!

Basket Case III – The lesser of the trilogy, but still fun (hey, it’s Henenlotter right?) and recommended mostly to see the conclusion. Now I must watch Frankenhooker! If I can find the DVD around here, look for that to be one of the next reviews on the site haha!

Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song – I expected to like it, since I generally enjoy anything a little weird and am also a big fan of the Blaxploitation genre. This is the one that started it all, but sometimes things just get better after a few other people get a shot at them. It may be the first, but certainly not the best. Still, worth seeing just for the education and a taste of the strange culture that spewed it forth.


Cure (Reviewed by OppressedWriter) – A user submitted review for this classic bit of Kiyoshi Kurosawa brilliance. When you think of great horror directors, if Kurosawa doesn’t pass into your mind – then do yourself a favor and head out as soon as possible to pick up this film, Kairo, Doppleganger and pretty much any film that bears his name. He’s really one of the most consistant writers out there that it seems almost no one is really aware of. Great film.

Cut Throats Nine – Originally written for my Taste of Sghetti film retrospective, it turned out to be one of those diamonds in the rough. Epic in its violence and scope, Cut Throats Nine is probably the goriest Spaghetti Western ever made – and worth seeing for that as well as the great story it tells. Great stuff.

Dead Calm (Review by Belle Alabaster) – Belle is a great friend of the site and even posts on the forums off and on again (which you should be as well!), she has reviewed quite a bit of Australian cinema for us in the past and is very elegant in her wording. Just a cool chick all around!

Deadbeat At Dawn (Review By RatFacedKilla) – Rat didn’t seem to enjoy this one as much as I did when I eventually got around to seeing it; but his analysis is pretty much spot on. It’s as low a budget filmmaking as you’re going to run into, but it can also be part of the charm. Van Bebber is a pretty distinct guy and you can’t really accuse him of making films like anyone else that’s for sure.

So that should just about do it everybody! Hopefully you guys enjoy all the words + pics! Now, do me a favor and get on those forums! I WANT COMPANY! Muahahaha!… did that seem evil and scary? Hopefully so, get a few of you goth horror fans in there!