Hey everybody, been a busy fella here lately! Lot of stuff going on in life right now, as well as doing a good bit of writing. I’ve also been spending some time helping my friend Mike Bracken, the horror geek and in my opinion one of the best writers out there on the subject of horror cinema and cult film, get his own site up and running. It’s hosted here on variedcelluloid and I encourage all who pass through here to check it out right now! Mike is an awesome writer and someone who really inspired me to get my own opinions out there, check him out! Also, you may notice the Reviews page is featuring some nifty star ratings next to some of the film titles – this is something I’m working on right now and won’t be finished for a while but the plan is to have all reviews with their ratings on that page. Neato stuff!


Eight Diagram Pole Fighter – Gordon Liu teams back up with his brother once again to shell out one more classic in the old school Kung Fu canon. I wasn’t expecting much, but was completely blown away by the awesome quality of the film as well as the martial arts. Check this one out!

The Last Blood – Hard Boiled 2: The Last Blood is the full title… and yeah, it has absolutely nothing to do with Hard Boiled. However, there’s some quality action spread out between all the jokes. It’s a strange balance between comedy and brutal violence that doesn’t always work – but definitely worth the look.


Gen-X Cops – The one that launched it all! The metrosexual look of most Hong Kong action flicks these days that is. It’s still a very fun flick and not bad at all. An interesting and stylish flick, Gen-X Cops doesn’t dissapoint for what it is.

Godmonster of Indian Flats – Possibly the worst films of all time? Sure. One of the most fun flicks I have ever seen? Oh my yes! Well, fun in a way that you can’t believe you’re seeing what you are seeing. Definitely not for everyone and only the masochists out there!

The Guard From the Underground – Kiyoshi Kurosawa, if you don’t know that name, you need to get to searching. If you’re a horror fan, this guy may change your life. Crafting some of the most amazing films I have ever seen, Guard From the Underground is a good start to his career and although not his best work it’s still certainly watchable.

Gonin – Remember Things to Do In Denver When You’re Dead? Imagine an even darker and more disturbing version of that film and you’ll get close to what Gonin is. A spectacular piece of work and one of my favorite films. Definitely worth checking out!

So, that’ll do it once again. I’m in a bit of a rush for this update but hope everyone is having a good time and isn’t working too hard! Laters everybody!

— Josh