Is it wrong to admit that I’m a sucker for the “found footage” genre? It’s a love affair that I discovered when first watching Man Bites Dog and Cannibal Holocaust oh so many years ago, and although the genre has seen an uprising in some poor imitations recently it still remains a viable and interesting device for the horror genre. At least from what I’m sitting, it does.

I thoroughly enjoyed Gareth Edwards’ Monsters as well as the much hyped Cloverfield and both titles showed the broad spectrum of genre and emotion that these titles can actually contain. Heck, I even really enjoyed Welcome to the Jungle, which most people seemed to hate! Evidence seems to be the next “big” indie coming down the pipeline to use this technique to its full extent.

Focusing on a group of campers who catch a glimpse of a otherworldly beast, the movie seems to detail their attempts to survive out in the woods with this monstrosity. After watching the trailer, I’m fairly stoked on this one. I’m just wondering… what’s up with that horse? This one should be coming to theaters (probably in a limited run, but one can never be sure) in the early part of 2012. I know I’ll be looking forward to it. Take a look and leave your thoughts!

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