For those of you who keep up with the website, you may remember our review for the little indie gem known as Familiar. A genre-bending piece of work, it shows young director Richard Powell firing on all cylinders. It isn’t surprising to see the short picking up steam, but it is always nice to see good work being appreciated. It appears that Familiar will be playing at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival based out of Montreal. The festival is set to take place between July 19th and August 7th. For those unaware, Fantasia Fest is a pretty big deal. Well known for the big name foreign films that it attracts, it is certainly one of the most noteworthy genre-based film festivals in North America. There have been many world and international premieres have taken place at Fantasia Fest, including Shaun of the Dead, Perfect Blue, Millenium Actress, Midnight Meat Train, and Uzumaki. This is a big opportunity for this small indie production, and we wish nothing but the best for these filmmakers!