I know there weren’t many entries into the VCinema side of the Japanese Film Blogathon, but I hope that you all have been checking out our sister site VCinemaShow.com as it has been THRIVING over the past week! Some truly amazing content and even I pitched in with an article on Yasuharu Hasebe. Do me a favor and give that a read if you have some time, because I spent a LOT of time writing/researching it. Anyway, today I go back to the pinky violence well and come out with one of the most respected title: Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion starring none other than Meiko Kaji!

The Plot: Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion begins with Nami Matsushima, aka: Matsu the Scorpion (played by Meiko Kaji), trying to escape from federal prison. During the attempt however, her friend’s menstruation gives away their location to the dogs that are chasing her. When she is returned, the warden decides to make an example out of Matsu and punishes the rest of the inmates in an attempt to turn the population against her. Matsu herself is locked away in solitary confinement, with her hands and feet tied behind her back, as the rest of the prisoners are routinely tortured. During this time we learn of Matsu’s past and the reason for her imprisonment. Matsu once loved a man named Sugimi who was a narcotics officer on the Marijuana squad. Using Matsu for her good looks, he decided to place her undercover in a sting operation at a nightclub. The sting didn’t go well and Matsu was raped for her troubles, but Sugimi simply shrugged it off and made it known to Matsu that she was entirely disposable in his eyes. Feeling scorned, Matsu attempted to murder the evil Sugimi but was taken down by the law in the process. In contemporary time, Sugimi still worries that Matsu will actually get out and finish the job she once started. So a plan to kill off Matsu within the prison is established, but unfrotunate for them Matsu is as tough as nails and thwarts every plan that they put into action. Will Matsu the Scorpion have her sweet revenge or will this hardened prison reduce her to rubble?