Hey all, we are back with yet another foray into the Hong Kong “girls with guns” subgenre. A favorite on this site as of recent, if the movie features Moon Lee or Yukari Oshima then it is a safe bet that it will land on Varied Celluloid at one point or another.

The Plot: Our film begins focusing on a international narcotics organization who have the appearance of being a legitimate business, but they are anything but a regular board of directors. These drug peddlers are ruthless, however, and have no fear when it comes to using extreme amounts of violence in order to settle such disputes. Sitting on their board is Yeung (Yukari Oshima), who is a woman who may be more ruthless than all other members combined. Moon (Moon lee) is a secret agent who moonlights as a secretary during her offtime. When her boss John Keung (David Chiang) calls her back into action, she is paired with a team collectively known as The Angels. The members include: her good friend Elaine (Elaine Liu), the older and wiser Saijo (Hideki Saijô) and the new young American recruit Alex (Alex Fong). Together, this team will have to form together in order to defeat Yeung and her cronies who are looking to take over the drug trade throughout all of China.