Toshiaki ToyodaTo say I’m excited enough about this flick to kill a small child, would be an understatement. Toshiaki Toyoda is one of my favorite filmmakers out there and it has been far too long since he took his place behind the camera. He was picked up for a drug charge in Japan which put a halt to his career for roughly four years at this point. Whether or not that drug charge had him blacklisted in Japan or not is actually debatable, as some say he just took a vacation while others swear his vacation was forced upon him. Regardless, a few months back Blood of Rebirth (what a fitting title for a comeback eh?) was announced and I personally have been waiting on pins and needles ever since. Will wee see the genius who brought us Blue Spring, 9 Souls and Hanging Garden back in top form? Even without his awesome rock music soundtracks!? Well here’s the latest trailer from the awesome people over at Nippon Cinema. There’s really not much I can make of it at this point, since I don’t speak the language, but I did notice a couple of Toyoda’s regulars amongst the cast (including the little fellow from Blue Spring and 9 Souls!) and saw a slow motion tracking shot! Toyoda staples even in a period piece! Check it out for yourself and get your own hype level up!